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Transcript: Christian Barmore Conference Call 4/30

Patriots second round draft pick Christian Barmore addresses the media via conference call on Friday, April 30, 2021.



April 30, 2021

Q: What was your reaction when you got the call from Coach Bill Belichick and the Patriots?

CB: It was a dream come true, like a blessing from God. For Coach Belichick and Robert Kraft – it really is a blessing. Literally my favorite team growing up and it's a real blessing.

Q: How much Patriots tape have you watched, if at all, with Coach Nick Saban? I'm curious if any of the techniques or anything that the Patriots do are things that carry over from what you were doing at Alabama.

CB: I never watched them at all. I was really focused on college and doing what I was supposed do in college, at Alabama.

Q: Did you play mostly at the three-technique spot or what were some of the techniques that they had you play at Alabama?

CB: I played everywhere where they put me at. Everybody told me I played – literally at Alabama, we move everywhere on the d-line. So, I played everywhere they wanted me to play.

Q: I know you were projected in some spots as a first-round pick, so what have the last 24 hours been like for you?

CB: It's been a blessing. Especially to come down here in Cleveland and get selected. It was really a blessing to be here today and be selected by the Patriots.

Q: What kind of relationship did you have with the other Alabama players on the roster like Mac Jones and Anfernee Jennings?

CB: Mac Jones, that's really my guy. Since really my freshman year, I've known this guy and always been with him every day. That's really my guy right there, you know?

Q: What are your thoughts on the Alabama pipeline to the Patriots? You're the 12th player that Bill Belichick has drafted that has been coached by Nick Saban. What are your thoughts on that?

CB: You know, being selected by Bill Belichick and especially having learned from a guy like Coach Saban, it's a blessing being a part of both of them, playing for both of them. It's really a dream come true.

Q: What was your contact like with the Patriots from after you started the draft process up until tonight?

CB: I can't give you that info, man. Literally, I can't give you that info [laughs]. You know Coach doesn't like that.

Q: How would you describe your game and what you'll bring to New England?

CB: Well, I'm me, Christian Barmore. I play like me, so that's the kind of guy I am. I'm a dominant player. I'm me, you know?

Q: Were you surprised to be taken late and how does it feel to be joining a team with Alabama alumni Dont'a Hightower, Damien Harris and Anfernee Jennings?

CB: Yeah, I was a little surprised. But I'm really happy to be playing with the OG Dont'a Hightower, it's a blessing. Playing with guys like them – I played with Damian my first few years, it's really a blessing come true. Like a group coming back home.

Q: Where do you see yourself playing in this defense?

CB: Wherever Coach puts me at. Wherever he puts me at, that's where I'm ready to work at. Wherever he puts me at.

Q: Do you have a more comfortable spot for you?

CB: No, just wherever Coach puts me at. That's how it was at Alabama. Wherever Coach puts me at, I'm just ready to be ready.

Q: It seems like last season you really started to hit your stride and play better over the second half of the season. Why do you think you started to play better at that time of year?

CB: Probably because I wanted to help the defense get more dominant. Especially like how the offense was. I was just in a whole different mode, just playing to help my brothers like we all were playing. The mission was to win the championship and we achieved that goal. So I was just doing the best I can for my teammates.

Q: You mentioned that the Patriots were your favorite team growing up. Were there any players in particular that you modeled your game after and what's it like going from that to being a part of the organization now?

CB: I don't model my game after anybody, I play like myself. But I'm really blessed to play for the Patriots really. Trust me, I'm going to be the player that I can be for the team.

Q: Why is it that the Patriots were your favorite team growing up?

CB: One, because you know, my favorite college team was Alabama. So I loved dominance. It's like the same program, just in the NFL. And they're winners, I love winners.

Q: You won a championship last year – how does being drafted compare to winning a championship?

CB: I just want to work hard and be the best player I can be and just work. Be the best player that I can be for the team.

Q: Does the feeling of happiness of being drafted kind of feel like you won a championship?

CB: It's equal, it's both. Winning a championship is hard to do, especially playing in the big conference. So it's really hard. But the feeling's the same, it's equal.

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