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Transcript: Keion White Conference Call 4/28

New England Patriots second round draft pick Keion White addresses the media, Friday, April 28.

Patriots DE – Keion White – 2023 Draft, Pick 46

Press Conference

April 28, 2023

KW: I just wanted to say I'm very excited to get into the Patriots organization, for sure and just what they bring to the table. I'm really looking forward to working with the whole organization from top to bottom.

Q: Congratulations on making it to New England and the NFL. I was curious, what was your contact like with the Patriots, when and where and what did you speak to them about?

KW: I didn't have any contact with the Patriots, so it was a surprise to me. I thought our personalities mix well though. So I feel like it's a really good fit.

Q: What gave you that impression that your personalities would work well?

KW: I'm a very big businessperson, so I'm not too big into the glitz and glamour of football. I want to work, and I want to win. I feel like that's what the Patriots offer, and I feel like that's what we meet in the middle at.

Q: Congratulations. Without having any contact with the Patriots. What was that phone call like when you got the word today?

KW: It was surreal. So just enjoyed it and happy to be here and just taking it all in, for sure.

Q: You just mentioned that you're a very big businessperson and you want to work and you want to win. What should fans of New England know about you besides that? What are they getting when you get on the field?

KW: They're getting somebody that's willing to improve their game and I feel like that's all I can ask for, for myself, is somebody who's constantly wanting to get better every day. Whether it be practice, whether it be film, whether it be taking notes, getting better than that. So I just want to get better in every aspect of the game and just become more knowledgeable in every way possible.

Q: I saw that you were in Kansas City last night. How motivated are you going through that situation and are you entering New England with a chip on your shoulder?

KW: Not any more than before. So I went in knowing the idea that the job's not finished. So no matter where you get drafted, you still have to put work in, so that's my motto. Whether I went first pick overall or the last pick in the draft, the job's not finished.

Q: You kind of touched on it in your opening statement, but just wondering your thoughts on playing for a coach like Bill Belichick and joining a Patriots defense that typically is among the best in the NFL?

KW: It's great. So, like I said they do a really good job of developing their players. So being a part of that, knowing that I have an incredible amount of things I can improve on and learn for the game of football, I feel like there's no better system I can go into.

Q: I just wanted to ask you about your position change midway through your college career going from tight end to D-line. What was that adjustment like for you? Do you feel like you still have kind of untapped potential having just played the position for a couple of years now?

KW: For sure. Like I said previously, there's still so much stuff I have to learn from technique wise, from just the game wise, everything. The transition was for the best. It got me to this point now. But I'm still working. I'm still improving because I feel like we all are. No matter if you're an all-pro player or a rookie, we're all improving day-by-day. Because when you're not improving, you're getting worse.

Q: Can you just describe what yesterday was like for you? Obviously, I'm sure you had high hopes, but you went through the whole draft, what was that like to experience?

KW: I mean, draft was fine for me like I enjoyed my time there. I got to experience going through the NFL Draft. I'll never get to experience that ever again. There's only 17 guys in the world that got to experience the 2023 NFL draft. So you just take the moment in. No matter where I got picked, I still got picked. I still have to put work in after this point. So, it was a good experience and now it's time to get to work.

Q: Are you in Atlanta now?

KW: Yes.

Q: You mentioned being a big businessperson. I see you have an interest in property acquisition. Where does that come from? Do you have any immediate plans now that obviously you're coming into a pretty big contract here?

KW: Definitely. I have to assess the numbers of where I stand contract wise and then go from there. But definitely the goal is to be financially free. I feel like I use that to play football better. So the more financially free I can be, the better I can play football, because I'm not really worried about what will happen to get to the next contract or whatever, I can just go play free and run around on the field.

Q: I'm wondering if you've heard from any of your new teammates, or maybe any former Patriots, you've come into contact with over their pre-draft process?

KW: For sure, my phone's going crazy. So I haven't even checked the notifications. I don't know if you've seen on the TV but I'm a pretty chill person. So, I'm not very like explosive in excitement in any form. I've just kind of been taking it in. I haven't even talked to my family to be honest. I'm just kind of taking it all in and handling myself for sure.

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