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Transcript: Rob Gronkowski Press Conference 11/28

Read the full transcript from Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski's press at Gillette Stadium on Wednesday, November 28, 2018.

Q: How important is it to build off of what you guys were able to do against the Jets to this game against a very good Minnesota team?

RG: Yeah, it's huge to come back this week and start practicing, get back out on the field, start building that chemistry for the upcoming game. We're just focused on the Vikings and we're just doing what we've got to do every week and just build up the practices every day right now and just execute like we always do during the week to get prepared.

Q: How important is that to you with your health to take it one day at a time and feel good about practice?

RG: Oh, for sure. When you're not out there all the time and you get back, you want to start building them together. You want to start building up the practices and just get your feet under you, get all the calls down exactly to a 'T' so you feel confident out there.

Q: What was it like to get out there where everybody can kind of contribute?

RG: Oh, it's always good to have everyone out there. We all feed off each other. We all feed off each other's mindsets, plays, crucial plays out there that each other makes. It's always fun when everyone's back together too. We've just got to keep on doing what we've got to do and it all starts building up in practice, building that chemistry so then when we are together, it's fun out there on Sundays.

Q: You've seen a lot of good safeties. The team is going to see Harrison Smith this time around. Can you talk about his game a little bit?

RG: Yeah, he's a big guy and he's physical and he's tough. He's going to be bringing it. He's just got all-around game and the size that he has too definitely stands out.

Q: Was Jamal Adams good preparation for that last week? Is Adams similar to Harrison Smith?

RG: I mean, I would say similar in ways. Smith is all over the field. He's blitzing, he's covering, he's down a lot in the run game so it's definitely very similar and he's a good player. We played him before and he always stands out.

Q: It seems like Tom Brady is pretty careful with his pass-catchers. He doesn't want to lead you guys into contact too much. Do you get the sense that he's protective of his pass-catchers?

RG: The way he practices, the way he does things, he's always putting us in the best situations that he possibly can when he's throwing the ball. It starts off in practice, just letting you know where there's a guy, where the ball's going to be placed and that's when you start building trust and start building chemistry. That all develops in practice. You just don't go out there and he's going to throw a pass in the game and he sees a guy there, he's not going to set you up for a hit like that because you know in practice, you build that chemistry, you go out there and then you trust in each other out there on the field.

Q: How difficult is this defense going to be to penetrate? They seem to be good against the run and the pass.

RG: Yeah, they've got good safeties, good linebackers and their d-line can rush and stop the run. It's definitely going to be a challenge, both in the pass game and run game. We've just got to go out and be prepared for both. We want to be able to run the ball. We want to be able to pass the ball, so we've got to have a good overall game versus guys like this.

Q: How important is it going to be for you guys to pick it up in the red zone and score on your chances given how well they put up points on the board?

RG: Yes, red zone's crucial. The points, when you get down there, you've got to put points on the board. Every time we've been down there we haven't been doing that and what you want to do is put up touchdowns and at minimum, leave with a field goal. So it's going to be crucial once again, every single week. The red zone's huge.

Q: When you're in the red zone and you have a one-on-one matchup over and over again, how much do you welcome that challenge and do you take it personally if you don't score or if you do score? Like do you keep it in your mind what that feeling is like and how much emotion do you put into that?

RG: It's always good when you see coverages like that. First off, when there is coverages like that, I've got to get open, make plays and all that. It kind of goes with every other answer. Whatever it is, you've got to go out there and perform to your best, if it's double, single, and you've got to make plays.

Q: Do you take it personally if you don't score in those situations?

RG: I would say so. I'm not trying to tell my inner emotions and all that about when I don't score on a one-on-one but I would definitely say that's a mindset when you get it, you want to be able to score.

Q: Can finding the end zone be contagious and can you kind of carry things over from week-to-week?

RG: I mean, every week's different but there are certain times when you do want to carry things over when you build up the confidence, when you make a play in one game that you haven't been making in a while. So rolling into this week, you feel confident that it's just going to happen again and the confidence is huge and that's what it's all about.

Q: You hadn't played a game in 27 days. How did the body respond since Sunday?

RG: Good, I feel good. You know, the football wear and tear and all that. You're never going to leave a game [feeling perfect].

Q: Have you ever left the game feeling perfect?

RG: I mean, right after the game, but the next day or two, I don't know. If you've played a full game and you're playing hard, then – but other than that, I feel good.

Q: Do you ever get used to waking up that next day with the soreness?

RG: Yeah, you get used to it. You've been through a million – not a million times – but you've been through it so much you just know what to do and just keep on believing in the process.

Q: What's different about the personality of this Patriots team compared to past ones?

RG: Every year's different. Every team's different. We just try to go out there and be the best ballplayers we can be out on the field. We just try to do our jobs to the best that we can and enjoy each other's company out there and just help every teammate out.

Q: Is there anything different about this one?

RG: Every year's different but you don't really compare this year to the last year to the years before. So just really focused on this year and every year's different with stuff like that.

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