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Transcript: Sony Michel and Isaiah Wynn Press Conference

New England Patriots first round draft picks, running back Sony Michel and offensive lineman Isaiah Wynn, address the media during their press conference at Gillette Stadium on Friday, April 27, 2018.


Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert K. Kraft:

RKK: We're excited that the football season started last night for us, and believe it or not this is our 25th time having the honor of having these young men come in. This is the first time in [my 25 years of ownership] where there's been two first round draft choices and they both come from the offensive side of the ball. What's unique here for us, I think it might be the first time in the history of the draft that these two fine, young men come from the same school and were roommates and were captains. They know a lot of stuff about one another. They shared a few things with us that I'll leave to their discretion, but we're pretty excited to have them both. Thank you.

Q: What should we know about your former co-captain, Sony Michel?

IW: Sony doesn't like to cook, so a lot of times it used to always be on me, but I think I got tired of it so we just settled on going out to eat, eating that way. But he's not a cook. He doesn't like to cook. He relies on me for it.

Q: How nice is it to share this journey together?
IW: It's great just to continue on this new journey, open this new chapter, of our lives. We started off together. I've known him since high school rooming with him at a Rivals camp. Just to get here and open this new chapter, I mean, it's unbelievable.

Q: Are you guys going to be roommates here?

IW: Yeah, we may. But if not roommates, then we'll be neighbors.

SM: Definitely neighbors. He can't run from me.

Q: What's been your first impression of Foxboro and of the Patriots?

SM: It's what's advertised - a wonderful place to be. I'm excited to be here. When I landed this morning I was just smiles - the biggest smile on my face - just to know that I'm coming to a great place that cares about football, a great organization and it's going to be a wonderful experience.

IW: They definitely have the best fans.

Q: Could you guys both comment on each other's skill set? How would you analyze each other as players?

SM: I would say he's the best offensive lineman. I'm not even going to put a position because I'm not a coach, but I'm going to say he's the best offensive lineman that I've seen in a long time. His skill set, he's able to do everything you ask of him. He's a coachable player. He's one of those players that if a coach tells him to do one thing, he'll do it.

IW: For him, just like you said, to me he's a do-it-all running back. He can run, he can catch, he'll make somebody miss in the open field, he won't dodge hits, as well as the best part that I like about him is his leadership and his vibe. For example, one day a guy may not be feeling up to working. He comes in every day. I've never seen a day where he didn't feel up to working, whatever it may have been. So it's just his vibe. You can easily catch his vibe and he'll get you right on point.

Q: Did you guys get any sleep last night or just a steady stream of phone calls?

SM: I got a little bit. Couple hours of sleep, but I got drafted probably around 11 o'clock, I would say, Eastern Time. So it was pretty late already. A little bit of celebrating, not too much but it was a moment to enjoy. I tried to soak it all in. I think that was most important to me but got enough sleep. I'm here. I'm happy to be here. I'm wide awake and ready to go.

IW: To piggy back off what he said, I took a different route. I enjoyed it with my family and I think we all were tired so got in bed kind of early. Turned my phone off, put it on do not disturb but that didn't help because I was anxious to get up here today and I was just laying there wide awake. I'm excited. Excited.

Q: Have you guys heard from the other former Georgia players on the team yet?

IW: Oh yeah.

SM: Yeah, definitely been in contact. David Andrews shot me a text this morning. Ran into Malcolm [Mitchell] just a while ago and it was just great to know Georgia players are back together. We know what we're about. We know what we stand for. We know what this program stands for and we're able to just kind of bring it all together and just work as a team.

Q: Sony, what do you know about the group of running backs that are already here in New England?

SM: All I know is that they have a group of guys that are willing to work. Great players. Great playmakers. Great guys I can learn from, I'm willing to learn from. I'm eager and can't wait until I can get just one thing from each one of those guys and just know that it's going to be a wonderful experience to get around those vets, guys that have been there before, been in this league and done it in this league and to be able to see what I can get out of them. 

Q: Both of you guys played high school football in the state of Florida. So why did you go to UGA?

IW: I didn't want to be the typical athlete and stay in Florida. It seems like every Florida athlete stays in Florida as well as when I got to Georgia I just had that gut feeling. You can't go wrong with your gut so I don't regret it. It was lovely. Great experience. Got to experience a lot of things I feel like I wouldn't have experienced if I had stayed at home in Florida. So it was great.

SM: I would say similar. God makes no mistakes. I'm a big believer in family, competition and being around great people so [from] Georgia transitioning to a place like this, the New England Patriots. So it all comes in a full circle.

Q: I saw on the Patriots website that when Robert Kraft called you he complimented you on your performances in the college football playoff. Can you tell me a little bit about how it felt to perform so well on a big stage in those two games?

SM: It was a wonderful opportunity just to be able to get an opportunity to play in two of the biggest games, I would say, the Rose Bowl and National Championship. But overall, I would say performance was okay. Didn't finish it how I wanted to finish it so it's tough to say that it was the best performance because the whole ultimate goal is not about my individual success, it's about getting that 'W'. You don't want to make it to the National Championship just to say you made it to the National Championship. I'm glad to be here. Now I can kind of close that chapter and kind of start a new one.

Q: What is it like for both of you guys getting to play alongside two of the NFL's biggest stars in Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski?

SM: I would say the biggest thing is being able to learn from those guys. I won't quite say play alongside of them yet. I think the first initial step is learning. Seeing how those guys carry themselves around the building, seeing how they take care of their bodies, how they go about things, their leadership, and try to grasp those things before I can visualize myself next to those guys and be able to help those guys.

IW: I would agree with what he said. I think it's great knowing that we can come in and learn from those vets like that. Of course, everybody has expertise but to be on the same field as those guys and be able to pick their brains day in day out, I mean it'll be great. Looking forward to it.

Q: Isaiah, who would you say the toughest player in the SEC that you've ever had to block would be?

IW: I would say Da'Ron Payne. Very, very physical. Low pad leverage. A guy with a high motor.

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