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Trick or Treat?

Looking for costume ideas for this Halloween? Here's some of the favorite costumes worn by Patriots players when they were youngsters. With Halloween less than a week away, we thought it would be helpful to query some Patriots players for costume ideas.

"Are you kidding me?" responded Lawyer Milloy, when asked of his favorite Halloween costume. "We couldn't afford costumes. I had a sheet with two holes in it."

Milloy wasn't the only ghost as a child. That costume was also a favorite of Todd Rucci. "I wore a sheet with eyes cut out for about eight years. In fact, I think I still have that sheet," recalled Rucci.

Greg Spires' costume was the same as Milloy's and Rucci's, but he had a different name for it. "I was Casper," responded the friendly defensive lineman.

Larry Whigham recalled his mother's creativity. "My mom pulled the lipstick out of her purse, drew three lines on each cheek, pulled the feathers from my dad's cap and I was an Indian."

Chad Eaton's mom saw opportunity in a brown, shag carpeted rug. "I was Chewbacca," said Eaton without hesitation, who draped the rug over his shoulders and wore a plastic Chewbacca mask.

Superheroes were as popular then as they are today. Ty Law, the team's active interception leader, was Spiderman. Tony Carter and Troy Brown each dressed as Batman. Superman was the most popular among all costume wearers. Kevin Faulk, Antonio Langham, Greg Robinson-Randall and Olrick Johnson all dressed as the superhero able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

For some, the obvious choice was a football player. Sale Isaia was Mean Joe Greene, Terry Glenn recalls trick-or-treating in his Pop Warner football uniform and John Friesz dressed as a quarterback, "something I still do today," joked Bledsoe's backup.

Other favorite Halloween costumes included:

Incredible Hulk:Joe Andruzzi and Ted Johnson
Grim Reapers:Adam Vinatieri and Rob Gatrell
Robots:Drew Bledsoe and Chris Eitzmann
Draculas:Shockmain Davis and Kato Serwanga
Clown:J.R. Redmond
Mr. T:Antwan Harris
Zombie:Sean Morey
Jason (Michael Myers):Tebucky Jones
Darth Vader:Chris Floyd
Skeleton:Chris Slade
Caveman:Matt Chatham
E.T.:Garrett Johnson
Gorilla:Max Lane

But not everyone has sweet memories of their candy collections on Halloween. Ten-year-old Tedy Bruschi once proudly showed his trick-or-treat gatherings to a teenage boy in the neighborhood, only to be tricked into having his treats snatched from his grasp. "The kid took my bag, and his buddy stole my sister's bag. We were devastated."

Bruce Armstrong doesn't remember trick-or-treating for the holiday. "In my neighborhood, you didn't wear a mask and go knock on strangers' doors."

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