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20 Questions with Nelson Agholor: Get to know the Patriots receiver

The second-year Patriot is a huge foodie, from traditional Nigerian dishes he grew up with to the wide variety of eats he can walk to from the Boston Seaport.

Nelson Agholor.PDC

If his training camp performance is any indication, Nelson Agholor might be on the verge of a successful second season in New England.

The Patriots wide receiver especially shined on Day 6 of training camp Tuesday, securing a spectacular one-handed grab during 1-on-1s that highlighted the day. It earned him praise from Bill Belichick on Wednesday, with the Patriots head coach discussing how comfortable he looked within the offense.

"It's a big jump. Big jump for him," Belichick said during media availability when asked about Agholor. "He was here all offseason and had a really good offseason. Was productive. He had a really good spring of training. He's come out here. He's consistently made plays -- made plays obviously down the field which is very important, but also in other areas. Very few mental errors. Very few mistakes, so he's looked good."

Football aside, Agholor certainly has looked like he's having fun with teammates and is bringing the right attitude to practice. caught up with the receiver Wednesday for a game of "20 Questions" to help fans learn more about Agholor, the person.

What is your first football memory?

Winning a little league Super Bowl at Raymond James Stadium. I think I was about 12 years old, played quarterback, and me and some of my really close friends accomplished something special.

Did you have a favorite team growing up?

I never had a favorite team, I just like certain players.

Who were some of those players you idolized as a kid?

LaDainian Tomlinson was my favorite running back, Brett Favre was my favorite quarterback, and receivers -- that's too hard. I like too many guys. Too many receivers. Reggie Wayne when I was in high school and college, Larry Fitz (Fitzgerald), and I would say a really good college receiver I liked was Santana Moss.

Favorite sport other than football?


What was your first impression of Bill Belichick?

I thought he was someone who really had a passion for football. I could tell he lives this, this is his life. That was the first thing I could tell from the jump: he really has a passion and love for the game.

What do you like to do on a day off?

Eat food!

Do you have a favorite restaurant in Boston?

Depends what I'm eating. If I'm eating sushi, I'm going to Zuma. If I want steak I go to Ocean Prime. If I want Italian, I'm really liking Strega (North End). There's so many different places I go to for different vibes and different foods.

What is the best vacation you've ever been on?

I enjoyed the Bahamas with my older brother and one of my childhood role models. We all went out there, and with a good friend of mine. It was a good time. Plus, I hadn't been to the Katsuya -- it's a sushi place in the Bahamas. That was one of two I haven't been to yet in my life. I love sushi.

How about your favorite traditional Nigerian dish?

Jollof Rice. I can't spell it.

What are some of the things that helped you learn to speak English when you moved to the United States?

Just being around friends, you know, kids from school and kids in the neighborhood. I went to a school in one certain area, but we lived in a neighborhood that was a little further, so I actually got a chance to be around a lot of different people. I got a diverse view of the English language so I thought that was pretty cool.

I heard you love Pilates. What got you into that?

I thought it was a way to get a competitive edge. There's a pro that I really respected that was a big Pilates guy and I watched his videos throughout college. Then, I said 'You know what, this helped him become stronger and more flexible.' So I just started to do it and I bought multiple reformers ever since, seeing the results you can get.

One of the things Pilates did was it taught me my body, the different little muscles in my body and how to activate certain muscles and different muscles in the core. You can get your core stronger than just your surface level crunches. You have the lower rectus, like the different abdominal muscles down low that you have to strengthen. Then you have the pelvic floor, things like that, that you have to work on.

It sounds like you could teach a Pilates class?

I could.

What gave you the inspiration to start your charity: Our Kids, Our Responsibility?

My childhood. I'm a product of a lot of different people, you know, many family members and friends that poured into me to help me become who I am. So the idea of Our Kids, Our Responsibility is that it takes a village to raise children. Every kid you meet you have a chance to make an impression on them so they become the best version of themselves.

Who was someone that was a mentor for you in that way growing up?

My godmother. Outside of my immediate family -- my mom, my dad -- it was my godmother, Leslie Berlin. I lived with her in high school and every single day she just poured into me and she also taught me how to give. She is a very kind lady that gives with all her heart, and she just had a birthday.

If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Two people. Larry David and Denzel Washington.

If you're a Larry David fan, that begs a follow up: "Curb Your Enthusiasm" or "Seinfeld?"

That's too hard for me. I'll take Curb, but I love Seinfeld, too. I love those two shows over any show. Reruns and all, I'll watch those forever.

What is your favorite part about living in New England?

I actually live in Boston, in the Seaport. So my favorite part is all the restaurants in the Seaport. I love that I can just walk and eat whatever.

Do you have any hobbies or anything you'd like to get into?

My hobby is eating and cooking food. I don't know how to bake though, even though I have a really big sweet tooth. I want to learn how to play the piano.

What is your signature dish?

That depends, honestly. I love to make Italian sauces. Bolognese with like mushrooms, scallions, a bunch of stuff. I make a really good Bolognese. I really like steak too, I can make all the steaks, bone-in Tomahawk, you know? Different things like that.

Do you have a favorite movie?

I'm really into different actors, that's the thing. Denzel (Washington) is probably my favorite. Also Matthew McConaughey. He's pretty good, too. "Lincoln Lawyer" is really good. I also like Will Smith, too. Those three guys.

What is your spirit animal and why?

I would have to say, from the cat family, I'd say I'm a leopard. The leopard seems like he's just relaxed and he stands on his own. He is not easily swayed. He doesn't look like he huts but he gets his food. I like the leopard.

Best piece of advice you've ever gotten?

You must be so confident that you can be self-critical. Rich Bisaccia (current Green Bay Packers special teams coordinator) said that to me. You must be so confident that you can be self-critical, just like that.

If you didn't play football what would you be doing for a career?

Basketball. Point guard.

What is your favorite part about being a Patriot?

The guys. That was something I think I didn't really embrace until the middle of last year when I realized how amazing the group of guys I get to play with are. Yeah, they love football. They're passionate about it. But they're also pretty amazing dudes, and they're fun. They're like brothers. Caring guys. They're not just teammates, they're like my brothers, so I have a lot of respect for them.

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