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7 Fun facts from Adam Butler's Pats Chat

The Patriots rookie shared his go-to holiday shopping tips, his favorite pump up music and which teammate he looks up to the most.

Photo by David Silverman
Photo by David Silverman

Patriots Nation knows their players on the field. From their stats to their biggest plays, New England fans take in everything there is to know, and every week on Pats Chat, they get to add fun facts to that arsenal. 

On Tuesday, rookie Adam Butler took his turn in the hot seat, answering questions from local students and host Ashlee Feldman at The Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon.

Adam was an open book during his Pats Chat, so here are some of the highlights. 

1. He is a holiday shopping pro
Yup, he's one of those people, the ones not scrambling for last-minute gifts like the rest of us. Adam is already done buying gifts for his friends and family. How did he manage it with the crazy schedule of an NFL player? Two words: Amazon Prime.

2. Never click weird links
Adam's Instagram was hacked, and he just got it back a few days ago. He clicked a suspicious link, and the hackers were able to get his password. Luckily, it is now back in his possession. 

3. His New Year's resolution
"I don't really have one yet, but now that I'm put on the spot it would probably be to be more organized, to probably like organize my time more efficiently and to make sure I have my day planned out more smoothly."

4. Adam is a gamer
His games of choice? "Destiny" and "Call of Duty."

5. His Patriots BFF
While he said he's learned a lot from Trey Flowers, Adam didn't hesitate when asked who his best friend on the team was: Deatrich Wise. The two go way, way back. "We met each other in high school. We both threw shotput, and he beat me by probably half an inch ... He reminds me of it all the time. I was going to go to state if had won that track meet, but he knocked me out of state."

6. He's a big anime fan
When asked about his can't-miss TV show, Adam said there weren't really any, except for "Naruto." He was even rocking the jacket one of the characters, Kakashi, wears on the show.

7. His idol growing up was close to home
It was an easy answer: his father. Adam's dad served more than 20 years in the Air Force, retiring a Master Sergeant. "I really looked up to my dad a lot and I still do. As a matter of fact I probably wouldn't be sitting here if it wasn't for him motivating me to never quit and to stay with it because at one point in my life, I actually rode the bench and never played. I thought my career was over. He just encouraged me to stay with it and here I am."

Check out all his answers in the video below.

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