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98.5's Hardy wrote an ode to Amendola

Patriots fans have a new song stuck in their heads.

Photo by Eric J. Adler

A lot has been said of Danny Amendola's postseason performance, especially after Sunday's AFC Championship game. He's been called a secret weapon, Danny "Playoff" Amendola and a textbook football player. 

And now, there's a song about it. 

Rob "Hardy" Poole of 98.5 The Sports Hub released an ode to Danny Amendola on SoundCloud after his stellar performance. The song is styled after "Lola" by The Kinks and includes highlights from the game. To be honest, it's pretty catchy. 

The song tells the story of the Patriots comeback win and the receiver who came up clutch for the team. 

The chorus is guaranteed to be stuck in your head all day, and the rest of the song runs through the game action, like: "They were down by three / They needed to score / To go up by four / So Tom said please / Danny could you catch one more for me?"

Thanks, Hardy, for putting into words what we were all thinking. Patriots fans won't want to miss their new favorite jam. You can listen to the song below.

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