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Damien Harris explains the heartfelt reason he gives footballs to fans in the crowd

Damien Harris explains his touching reason for giving away game balls. 

harris td

Damien Harris has been a force on the football field this year. All 14 times he's rushed, dove or sprinted into the end zone, Harris did so with determination to score.

But he usually doesn't stop when he crosses the threshold. He keeps it moving through the end zone to the stands to hand off the scoring football to a fan in the crowd, making their day each time.

It's become something of a tradition for Harris, and after scoring two more touchdowns against Jacksonville on Sunday, Harris was asked why, exactly, he does this.

"When I was eight years old, I dreamed of being in this situation and being in this position. The game of football has done so much for me. It's done so much for my family," Harris said. "It's given me so much that any opportunity that I get to give back to the fans who make what we do so fun, it's a special moment. If I can just give somebody a touchdown ball, that's a great feeling."

After giving a game ball to a fan during the Cowboys game, Harris said her reaction stuck with him. She was elated. It was a simple thing he could do to give someone a moment they will never forget.

"It made me feel inspired because I feel like that every time I step on this field. Every time I come in the locker room with guys like [Rhamondre Stevenson] and everybody else, that's the feeling that I get," Harris said. "If I can in turn do something to make somebody else feel that way, I feel like I'm just being a good person. This is a great game that we all love. The players love it. The fans love it. I just love being able to share the enthusiasm, the pride, happiness, not only with my teammates, but also the fans that make the game so special as well."

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