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Davon Godchaux, wife Chanel Iman, host first annual Mother's Day Luncheon

New England Patriots defensive lineman Davon Godchaux and his wife, supermodel Chanel Iman, hosted the ChauxDown Foundation's first annual Mother's Day Luncheon at Gillette Stadium on Thursday.

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Davon Godchaux is familiar with the plight of a single mom, seeing the sacrifices made by his own over the years.

Growing up in Plaquemine, Louisiana, it took a lot from his mother, Albertha, to raise the New England Patriots defensive lineman and his five siblings by herself.

"She taught me everything," Godchaux said on Thursday, hosting his ChauxDown Foundation's first-annual Mother's Day Luncheon at Gillette Stadium with his wife, Chanel Iman Godchaux.

Life wasn't easy, but Godchaux overcame a lot to make it to the NFL and ensure Albertha never had to worry about providing for her family again. Using his platform on the Patriots, and his wife's as an international supermodel, he's extending that support to mothers throughout the New England community.

"It's amazing," Godchaux said of having Iman's help throwing the event. "It's a Mother's Day event so she is so happy to be here, her career being a supermodel, just being able to out and give back to the community and the ChauxDown Foundation -- I love having her on board. She's going to be part of a lot more events."

The event started four years ago as a baby shower put on by former Patriots defensive lineman Lawrence Guy and his wife, Andrea.

With Guy no longer on the team, Godchaux and Iman felt compelled to keep the tradition going.

"This started with Lawrence, and I can't exclude his wife (Andrea) – she did a great job with this event," Godchaux said.

"Getting the news that he wouldn't be here anymore gave my wife and I the idea that we should continue this. It was very special to them and it's always special to give back to the mothers in the community. We didn't want to let the tradition die down – we want to uphold it."

The mission is personal to Iman as well.

The couple welcomed their daughter, Capri Summer, in September before tying the knot in February. With Iman's two daughters and Godchaux's son, Duce, they now make up a beautiful blended family of six.

With all that experience from motherhood, Iman personally picked out the strollers from UPPAbaby -- one of her favorite baby brands -- to send each woman home with.

About 45 current or expecting mothers attended the luncheon. They were identified by the Patriots Foundation from local organizations like Bridge over Troubled Waters, Casa Myrna, Florence House, Ruth House, Sojourner House, Mass General Bringham Healthcare Centers, St. Mary's Center for Women and Children, and UMass Memorial Hospital.

They were also greeted by members of the coaching staff, including head coach Jerod Mayo, DeMarcus Covington, and Matthew Slater.

"These kinds of events are very special to me because I am a mother of three, and I now have a stepson, so I know how much it means to give women in need support," Iman said.

"I've had postpartum (depression), and a lot more women go through that than you would think. I think that mothers need support during pregnancy and after the pregnancy, and it's so important to uplift each other through it. That's what we're here for. I'm all about bringing positivity, love, and light into the universe. We put this event together today from the bottom of our hearts."

Learn more about the ChauxDown Foundation and other events Godchaux's organization has hosted here.

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