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Draft Prospect Notes: Quarterbacks

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience.

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Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
Blaine Gabbert Missouri 6-4 234 4.61
Notes:[Andy Hart] Throws well on run. Leaves pocket too early. Very good on short throws. Great size. [Erik Scalavino] Good accuracy; sound fundamentallly, but sometimes "winds up" before throwing; athletic; locks on too much and takes off too soon. [Paul Perillo] Deceptively mobile; Throws well on run; Good accuracy on short throws.
Jake Locker Washington 6-2 231 4.50
Notes:[Andy Hart] Athlete/gunslinger. Great arm. Good on run. Inconsistent. Jekyl and Hyde. [Erik Scalavino] Decent play-action, roll-out passer; very athletic; accurate passer. [Paul Perillo] Great athlete; Excellent on the run; Good deep ball; Drops down a bit at times; Inconsistent.
Christian Ponder Florida State 6-2 229 4.63
Notes:[Andy Hart] Reminds me of Matt Cassel. Pro style. Good touch, short accuracy. Solid all around. [Erik Scalavino] Good play-action fakes; effective runner when he needs to be; can throw accurately on the run; needs to step into throws more. [Paul Perillo] Excellent mobility; Throws well on run; Tends to float passes; Sees the field well; Interesting prospect.
Cam Newton Auburn 6-6 248 4.56
Notes:[Andy Hart] Great athlete/runner/arm. Questionable accuracy. NFL head/reads?. [Erik Scalavino] Throws a nice spiral, but floats passes too much; great athlete, but limited passing experience. [Paul Perillo] Inconsistent with feet; Mechanics need work; Has tools but not sure about mind for the NFL game.
Ryan Mallett Arkansas 6-6 238 5.12
Notes:[Andy Hart] Big arm. Great frame. NFL ready. Accuracy? Moves in pocket OK. [Erik Scalavino] Decent all around, but erratic decision maker. [Paul Perillo] Great arm and size; Gets flustered under pressure; Gets it downfield effectively; Will throw into coverage and make mistakes.
Player School Ht. Wt. 40
Pat Devlin Delaware 6-3 225 4.81
Notes:[Andy Hart] Accurate. Locks on receiver at times. Avg. Arm. Moves well in pocket. [Erik Scalavino] Slow delivery, but accurate; good going through read progression; solid pocket presence; OK mobility. [Paul Perillo] Surveys field well; Steps into throws but just average arm; Accurate over the middle; Decent mobility.
Ricky Stanzi Iowa 6-4 223 4.87
Notes:[Andy Hart] Looks the part. Solid feet and delivery. Avg. arm. Not great deep ball. [Erik Scalavino] Experienced drop-back passer; scans the field well; not afraid to tuck and run. [Paul Perillo] Good, not great, arm; Locks in on receiver at times; Throws mostly short stuff; Solid but unspectacular.
Andy Dalton TCU 6-2 215 4.94
Notes:[Andy Hart] Locks on to targets. Some ugly throws. Good deep ball. Good rhythm passer. [Erik Scalavino] Not a great arm; locks on too much; can run if need be. [Paul Perillo] Accurate passer; Deceptively mobile; Best on quick, timing routes; May lack arm strength to succeed at NFL level.
Greg McElroy Alabama 6-2 220 4.84
Notes:[Andy Hart] Smart, game manager. Uses his talent well. Lot short throws Career backup. [Erik Scalavino] Average overall; efficient; doesn't force throws; good decision maker. [Paul Perillo] Fundamentally solid; Decent arm and accuracy; Generally avoids mistakes; Holds ball low; Agree with Andy ... career backup.
Mike Hartline Kentucky 6-5 210 4.87
Notes:[Andy Hart] Great frame. Pro style passer. Decent accuracy, athlete and touch. Worth developing. [Erik Scalavino] Needs some bulk to his frame; a natural passer on short throws; decent under center or in the gun. [Paul Perillo] Good size and delivery; Shows good zip over the middle; Real interesting pocker passer.
Tyrod Taylor Virginia Tech 6-1 216 4.47
Notes:[Andy Hart] Athlete. Lobs ball over middle. Some real nice throws, too. Run and flick throws. Decent arm. [Erik Scalavino] Nice touch, but tends to float passes; great athlete. [Paul Perillo] great athlete and a definite gamer; Very fast; Not mechanically sound; Floats too many throws.
Colin Kaepernick Nevada 6-4 233 4.53
Notes:[Andy Hart] Weird motion. Loose with ball. Raw athlete. Project. Read defense? [Erik Scalavino] Excellent athlete; very raw as a QB, though, and chooses to run far too often. [Paul Perillo] Very mobile but doesn't protect ball when he runs; No arm strength; Looks to run all the time; More athlete than quarterback; Will take some time to develop.
Jerrod Johnson Texas A&M 6-5 251 4.76
Notes:[Andy Hart] Long motion. Not great arm or accuracy. Rolls out well. Bad balls at times. [Erik Scalavino] Locks on, but found ways to be efficient; doesn't "wow." [Paul Perillo] Big and mobile; Very elusive; Throws a nice out pattern; Locks in a bit but is a playmaker; Another project.
T.J. Yates North Carolina 6-3 220 4.84
No footage available
Mitch Mustain USC 6-2 200 4.74
No footage available
Scott Tolzien Wisconsin 6-2 209 4.86
No footage available
Jeff Van Camp Florida Atlantic 6-5 222 4.92
Notes:[Andy Hart] Ugly slinging motion. Bad ball. Not great accuracy. No thanks. [Erik Scalavino] Pushes the ball, rather than purely throwing; slow delivery; puts too many passes up for grabs, but can throw strikes; elusive in pocket. [Paul Perillo] Slings it sidearm far too often; No zip at all; A gunslinger without the tools to do so.
Taylor Potts Texas Tech 6-4 222 4.94
No footage available
Ryan Colburn Fresno State 6-3 233 5.12
Notes:[Andy Hart] Long motion. Good enough arm with decent touch. [Erik Scalavino] Lefty; experienced under center; can play-action and roll out. [Paul Perillo] Didn't like him at all; Long motion with no zip on the ball; Looks a bit awkward.
Zach Frazier UConn 6-4 231 4.84
No footage available
Kyle Havens UMass 6-4 220 4.94
No footage available
Nathan Enderle Idaho 6-5 242 4.98*
No footage available*

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