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Former New England Patriot Russ Francis can be heard on WTPL Radio

Former New England Patriots tight end begins his radio career on Concord's WTPL 107.7 FM in Concord NH.  He can be heard every Saturday morning from 9 a.m. to noon on the "Russ Francis Show."


Former New England Patriots tight end begins his radio career on Concord's WTPL 107.7 FM in Concord NH. He can be heard every Saturday morning from 9 a.m. to noon on the "Russ Francis Show."

"We've heard people talk about radio or TV shows that need to be informative and entertaining as the number one goal. The Russ Francis show is going to move that to number two," Francis said. "Number one on this show is going to be your voice, the fan. I want to hear your voice, your stories and the incredible insight New England fans have. And I can say that having played on the West Coast. They are much more tuned in to sports fans than anywhere I've been."

Russ Francis during his 14 year career with the NFL played for the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49er's. He started his career as a first round draft pick in 1975 with the Patriots were he played until 1980. Francis spent the next years of his career on the West coast playing for the San Francisco 49er's receiving passes from legend quarterback Joe Montana. In 1984 he became a Super Bowl Champion with the 49er's. In 1988 his NFL career came to a close as he played his last season back in New England with the Patriots. His outstanding career stats include 393 catches for 5,262 yards and 40 touchdowns.

Certainly he is qualified as a sports expert for his new radio show however Francis has much more to bring to the air and share with his audience. He states ""My background is business and growth and economic development, I also ran for house of representatives in (my home) state of Hawaii in 2000 before moving to Nebraska."
"Representation of the people, it is so important to understand and to get involved in," Francis said. "We want to send that message out as loudly as we can and reverberate the speakers of our listeners."

Francis an avid surfer and this summer is enjoying some time relaxing and surfing the waves of New England with his 10 year old son Riley. They are spending this summer experiencing the surf from Rhode Island to Maine.

Francis's enthusiasm can be felt as he prepares for this new adventure. His plans are for the show to be interactive and hopes that his listeners will take advantage and call in often.

"We want the voices. We want the stories," Francis said. "We're going to give listeners four ways to do that. They can call live and we'll put them on the air. They can call my cell phone, I'm going to give the number out. If I don't answer myself, they can leave a message and well put it on the air. They can e-mail the show. And they'll be able to come up to me at all events around New England and I can bring them directly to show that way."

Best of luck to Russ as he kicks off this new endeavor. Tune in on Saturday's to hear this Patriots legend.

This article features excerpts from an article by Ian M. Clark of the Union Sports Leader.

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