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From the Hart: Gronk vs. Megatron!



]( Gronk faces Johnson after a huge victory over Vikings pass rusher Jared Allen.

As he'd done for previous rounds of voting, Gronkowski made a homemade video to promote himself in the voting for this new battle. The short clip shows No. 87 doing pushups and then battling the toy Megatron before spiking the plastic figure to the floor.

Gronkowski says to the toy that's seated on his coach next to an X-Box controller, "Oh, what's up Megatron?"

Beyond the Gronk Spike, Gronkowski also ends the video with his now trademark, Ric Flair-like WHOOOO!

As always, the video is a must-see.

And in football related news, Gronkowski is not wearing a walking boot in the video and shows no limp while putting on a show.

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