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From the Hart: Movement in the top 10?

According to a recent blog entry over on, PFW’s good ol’ pal Rob Rang indicates that many of the teams near the top of the NFL draft could be looking to trade down.


One unnamed NFL executive told Rang that "half the teams in the top 10 are trying to trade out."

What does that have to do with the Patriots and Bill Belichick?

Well, the most likely trade partner for a team looking to trade out of the top 10 is another team that has multiple first-round picks. It just so happens that New England is one of three teams with multiple first-round picks, along with the Browns and Bengals.

The Patriots also have a pair of second-round picks (48 and 62) that might make for nice trade talks with teams in the top-10 picks.

As we've blogged about previously, the Patriots two first-round picks total 1,280 points on the widely circulated NFL draft trade value chart. That equates to slightly less than the value of the No. 10 overall pick held by the Bills.

Throw in the 48th pick and the total jumps to 1,700 points, equal to the No. 5 overall pick.

Throw in the 62nd pick to the mix and the sum jumps to 1,984 points, or somewhere between the No.4 and No. 3 picks.

Clearly the Patriots have the ammo — in the unlikely case that Belichick should be so inclined — to jump into the action to get into the top 10 with so many teams supposedly looking to trade out of that area.

Which player would you target with trade up into the top 10 picks? Trent Richardson? Melvin Ingram? Quinton Coples? Justin Blackmon? Let us know with a comment below!

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