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Harley Quinn seeks help from Dr. Gronk in 'Suicide Squad' promo

Rob Gronkowski helped treat Harley Quinn in a "Suicide Squad" promo at the ESPYs. Malcolm Butler and Terrance Knighton also stepped out in style at the event Wednesday night.

Gronk doesn't normally wear glasses and a jacket with elbow patches. He doesn't typically use a novelty, old-timey pipe, either, but Wednesday night at the ESPYs was not a normal night. 

Donning the aforementioned uniform, Gronk played the role of therapist, sitting back and listening as his client vented about her stressors. And that client? Harley Quinn. 

In a parody extended trailer of "Suicide Squad," which will be released next month, actress Margot Robbie put her faith in Dr. Gronkowski. Though Harley was a former therapist in the DC Universe before teaming up with The Joker for all things evil, it seemed the pressures of her crew and the movie release were building up, and there is no one better to talk to than Gronk.

"Everyone's talking about how it's a squad full of bad guys, but there's more to it than that, you know," Margot said. "For starters, they're actually really friendly, and we have a leader with tremendous accuracy, teammates who many would consider unstoppable, I mean absolute monsters." 

Gronk nodded sympathetically in his Harley Quinn t-shirt and played with his pipe before offering up nuggets of wisdom.

"I totally get it. Haters give my squad a hard time too," Gronk said.

"You really get me, Rob," Margot said.

"Your squad, my squad. We can party – Gronk style," he said.

Ok, ok so maybe Gronk isn't quitting his day job any time soon, but any time the Patriots collide with the various world of comic books, we're happy. 

While Gronk's appearance at the ESPYs Awards was virtual, the Patriots were represented at the ceremony -- and they stepped out in style.


Both Malcolm Butler and Terrance Knighton were in the audience Wednesday night, dressed to the nines. Malcolm was on hand at the Sports Humanitarian Awards Ceremony Tuesday night when Robert Kraft received the Stuart Scott ENSPIRE Award. He stuck around for the ESPYs, walking the red carpet while rocking a gray suit.

Terrance got the memo and also went with gray. However, he chose darker shade jacket with black trim and a bow tie. He even got a new do for the occasion.

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

With Gronk's counsel chic look, Malcolm's suave suit and Terrance's fresh cut, the Patriots flare for fashion was well represented at the ESPYs -- even if the looks were tame in the shadow of Harley Quinn's own red, white and blue style.


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