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'Ice Cream Dream Team': Patriots hand out dessert in Boston

Rob Gronkowski, Malcolm Butler and LeGarrette Blount hit the streets of Boston to deliver the gift of ice cream.

The hot heat of summer is upon us, and there is no better treat than a visit from the ice cream truck. For some lucky folks in Boston, not only was their ice cream truck loaded with frozen goodies, it also came with a few Patriots.

Rob Gronkowski, Malcolm Butler and LeGarrette Blount went along for a ride in a truck with DraftKings on Thursday, handing out free ice cream and dressed in old timey outfits. Though the red vests and flat hats suggest the trio could burst out into song at any moment, they gave the gift of dessert instead.

As people gathered, they quickly realized this was no ordinary visit. Gronk, Malcolm and LeGarrette spent time handing out ice cream, chatting with fans and dancing while stopped in the Downtown Crossing area of the city. 

And it wouldn't be a true Gronk sighting without him spiking something. This time, ice cream met the pavement at full speed.

Next time you hear the familiar songs of the ice cream truck, make sure you head outside quickly. You never know who will be scooping your chocolate chip cookie dough. 

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