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John, Paul, Ringo, George ... and Gronk

Rob Gronkowski had himself a weekend. From singing onstage at Fenway Park with a music legend to participating in a dance battle, catch up on the latest "Summer of Gronk" action.

If you give Gronk a stage, he is going to sing and dance like the whole world is watching. And this weekend from Liverpool to Los Angeles, the people were given the gift of Gronk.

Paul McCartney was in Boston on Sunday night, playing for a full house at Fenway Park, and The Beatles legend knew the secret to hyping up a New England crowd even more. With the Grateful Dead's Bob Weir also on stage, Sir Paul invited Gronk to jam to "Helter Skelter" to complete the unlikely trio.

Air guitar in hand, Gronk dances and sings along, and even gets to share the microphone with Paul, giving his best "Helter Skelter" shout.

Though the tight end plays it cool dodging tackles on the field and hanging with celebrities off the field, sharing the stage with a musical icon seems to have been in its own league of cool.

Gronk's weekend didn't end there, though. While he was rocking out in real time with Paul McCartney Sunday night, the prerecorded Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards was airing, and the Patriot got some serious screen time. 

Not only did Gronk walk away with the Biggest Powerhouse award, he managed to upstage Ciara in a dance battle that saw her and her husband, Russell Wilson, go head to head. As Gronk freestyled his way to victory, Russell joined his friend dressed as Grandma Wilson, and the two broke it down to Rihanna. 

"Looks like Granny and Gronk won that competition ... Looks like the true NFL star dancers won that competition," Russell said.

The two players then faced off on Smash Mountain, an obstacle course that included finding footballs with their names on it, running up a ramp, smashing some stuff with a mallet and finding the combination to open a locker. The first to retrieve and don the championship medal in their respective locker was the winner, and needless to say, Gronk emerged victorious. 

What a weekend to be Gronk.

Check out a gallery from the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards below.


Rob Gronkowski walked away with an award at the Kids' Choice Sports Awards and also claimed victory in a dance battle against Ciara.

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