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Matt Patricia Conference Call Transcript

Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia addresses the media during his conference call on Tuesday, October 22, 2013.

Q: Specific to the Dolphins, what have you noticed about what Mike Wallace brings to their offense?

MP: Obviously [they have an] extremely talented skill position group starting with Mike Wallace. [He is] a guy who certainly brings another element of vertical speed and is a guy who has some excellent catch and run ability. [He's] a guy that they use in different formations and route combinations to feature with the ball in his hands. So, [he's] certainly a very, very dangerous and explosive player that they've added to their offense to go along with Brian Hartline, who is doing a phenomenal and has done a phenomenal job for them. [He's] another guy for them that can work the perimeter, stretch the field vertically. He also does a great job on the outside breaking routes: the comebacks, the curls. A sure handed type receiver that is a certain situational go-to type player for them. So I think they obviously have two very experienced, very talented, very explosive players on the perimeter, which is certainly something that you have to contend with. And then, obviously moving into the slot position with [Brandon] Gibson who has a done a good job for them being a possession player. [He's] another guy who has some good size and good speed to him and has been able to be productive in the inside role. Certainly then they move it over to the tight end position with Clay, Charles Clay, who has been really a utility guy for them but also does a phenomenal job stretching the field vertically. He can line up in numerous spots and really stretch you into the deep part of the defense. But then [they] also have some game plan plays where he will either be out of the backfield or in the backfield or in certain positions where he is motioning to get favorable matchups and work the underneath space in the coverage. Certainly all those guys have done a great job. Obviously, Mike Wallace is another piece in their offensive system that really allows them to stretch you, both from a vertical standpoint downfield but also from a quick and horizontal spread passing game that you have to contend with.

Q: I'm curious if you have thought back to 2011, about what your experience was with Andre Carter and what he brought to the defense in 2011?

MP: Well certainly 2011 was 2011. We're concentrated on 2013 and moving forward to the Dolphins and making sure we do a great job preparing for them. I'm not really sure [about] anything along those lines. Unfortunately, that is a question about the past, and we are going to focus on the present, the future and really try to focus on getting ready for Miami here. Certainly again, just talking about those players that we are going to see from the skill positions to the running backs, I didn't get a chance to mention them at all. Obviously the running backs are also a dangerous threat for us there along with the tight end position. I'm not really sure about anything along those lines, sorry about that.

Q: Well then let me rephrase the question. He could be part of your planning for this game, so can you tell how he might fit if he is indeed part of your panning for this game?

MP: Well I think obviously we are going to concentrate on everybody that we know is currently here and work forward from here. We'll move on from that one.

Q: You've signed players before on Tuesdays and they've played on Sunday. How do you go about integrating them into the game plan during the course of the week?

MP: I think in general, we'll have players that either get added or removed from the roster throughout the week. That's kind of a normal occurrence throughout the NFL. We just do the best job we can within the game plan that we've tried to design that particular week and the different strategies that we think are beneficial to try and implement that player into whatever particular attack we are trying to present that week. Certainly, that is going to change player-by-player and position-by-position. We're going to try and have a holistic approach to the opponent that we are playing that week and really try to do the best we can to stop whatever different problems they present. Whoever is on the roster at that particular time then we are going to try and fit them in the best way possible.

Q: As a follow up, I would assume it is easier to integrate a player who is coming in on a short week if he has already been on the team in the past. Would you say that's true?

MP: I would say in general, any system – football, company or whatever you are doing – that would have people that have familiarity with your system or your scheme, your company or however it is run would have an advantage to quickly catch up to speed. But, I can't really say that's the only case. There are obviously guys with certain levels of experience that come in and absolutely can pick it up right away and have the way about them to get right in as soon as possible. Everyone is a professional at their job from that standpoint. Certainly if we have people that are added or whatever the case may be, then we're expecting them to prepare hard just like everyone that is here every day.

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