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Matthew Judon lovingly, hilariously mocks Mac Jones's fashion

It was a hilarious moment in postgame press conferences Sunday. 

Patriots post game press conferences are a revolving door of players waiting their turn to address the media. Oftentimes, players will be waiting on deck as their teammates finish up, and when the mood is high like it was after the commanding win over the Jaguars, it can make for some funny moments.

That was exactly the case at the end of Matthew Judon's press conference when Mac Jones entered the room early for his own media availability.

Judon was rocking a stylish reversible coat with a custom gold necklace featuring his signature celebration. When Masslive's Nick O'Malley asked him when he was going to help his quarterback improve his fashion sense, Judon looks to his right where Jones was sitting and bursted out laughing.

"It's a lost cause," Judon said. "I'm gonna keep it 100. Mac is a footballer player and that's about it. He's a great guy, football player, but drip? It's not him, man."

Jones could be heard laughing off-camera, taking the hilarious commentary in stride.

"Let him do what he do, man," Judon said. "Don't change the guy. Let him do what he do. I'm just happy he's our quarterback. He out there balling, having a hell of a season. I'm just happy he's out there playing with us."

You can watch the iconic exchange in the video below.

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