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Meet Nike, Bill Belichick's show-stealing dog

You probably saw Nike during the draft. Get to know Bill Belichick's show-stealing dog. 

While it is typical to take a few years to have name recognition, a two-year veteran for the Petriots is finally getting his due. Before the picks started rolling in on Friday night, a furry face stole the show.

When the Patriots were on the clock and the cameras panned to Bill Belichick's home in Nantucket, instead of the head coach, viewers were surprised to see his dog, Nike, sitting behind dual computer screens and looking prepared to make a move on behalf of the team.

Those tuned into the broadcast, rightfully, lost it over the sheer cuteness and unexpectedness of the moment. Though Nike is, regrettably, not part of the Patriots drafting brain trust, he is in more of a support role and is still a very, very good boy.

While we're introducing you to the new Patriots players this weekend, let's get you acquainted with Nike because honestly, who doesn't need more dog content right now?

Nike is an Alaskan Klee Kai and was brought home by Belichick and his longtime girlfriend, Linda Holliday, in April of 2018. It didn't take long for him to make an initial splash, either.

Belichick and Holliday were spotted at a Holy Cross lacrosse game, where his daughter Amanda is the coach, and an eagle-eyed fan noticed something incredible. As they were leaving, Belichick carried Nike, who was wearing a cutoff sweatshirt. It was almost too good to be true.

You know what they say: like father, like dog.

In an interview with CNBC, Holliday said she told Belichick she wanted to bring home a dog, and like so many dog owners before him, Belichick resisted the idea. Of course, it was just a matter of time before he became enamored.

"But then, 24 hours and he falls in love with Nike," Holliday said.

In that same interview, Belichick also had a prophetic moment about Nike's budding football career.

"I don't think Nike cares about football. He's just there every day," Belichick said.

How could he have known that two years later, Nike would have the boss's chair in his own war room? While terms of his contract as an assistant to the coach are unknown, we suspect Nike gets paid in pets-per-hour with a substantial treat bonus.

Between the sweatshirt photo and the screenshots of during the draft, it seems Nike was born for internet fame. And yes, he does have an Instagram account.

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