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Offensive linemen still Wynn-ing in Georgia

Even though he’s been with the Patriots for two years, Isaiah Wynn’s impact is still being felt at Georgia.


INDIANAPOLIS – It's not uncommon each year the Combine to hear players talking about former teammates who've moved on to find success in the NFL. One name that came up often on Wednesday was Isaiah Wynn.

That makes sense considering Georgia has three offensive linemen in Indy, and all three not only played with Wynn in the past but they all consider him a mentor of sorts.

Isaiah Wilson, Solomon Kindley and Andrew Thomas all spoke on Wednesday and explained how they viewed their former teammate.

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"Isaiah, that's my big brother," Kindley said. "We talk. We hit each other up on Instagram and talk every now and then. It's not really too much that he had to tell me because we come from a school that we know what has to be done. So, just follow his example, his lead and how he does it and how he's carrying it in the NFL, as any other UGA dog in the NFL."

"Big Wynn is like my older brother. I love Wynn," Wilson added moments later. "I love the way he is. He's a genuine guy. He gives me pointers on certain things. He helped me like weeding out agents and whatnot. He's a great person, to be honest with you."

Wilson is absolutely enormous at 6-6, 350 pounds with massive arms. He wasn't expected to declare for the draft but nonetheless has some predicting that he could be chosen as high as Round 2. He struck about as imposing a figure as any prospect in Indy this week, and with Marcus Cannon now in his 30s perhaps the Patriots will look to form a tandem of former Bulldogs at tackle, although he has yet to meet with anyone from New England as of yet.

On the flip side, Kindley chatted with the "retired" Dante Scarnecchia this week. As was the case the first time Scarnecchia retired, the coaching legend continues to work with the team finding prospects up front.

"It was a good conversation. He likes big offensive linemen like I am, like a run blocker, like a mauler like I am," said Kindley, an interior lineman who some project as a mid-round option. "So it was a good conversation."

While the other two spoke highly of Wynn, Thomas was the one who actually replaced the Patriots 2018 first-round pick at left tackle. Like Wynn before him, Thomas could hear his name called in Round 1.

"I stay in touch with Isaiah," Thomas said. "He told me last year that I have a good chance to get drafted. To continue to keep working hard and keep doing the things that got me here."

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