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Patriots All-Decade teams announced

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. - Imagine the great multitude of players who have proudly had their numbers sewn on the backs of Patriots jerseys since 1960.

Whether adorned with the "Pat Patriot" logo, or the newer "stylized minuteman" on their helmets, the scores of players who have called New England home are inextricably linked: They are Patriots.

On Monday, members of the Patriots Hall of Fame nomination committee were tasked with the weighty distinction of looking back in time and examining the very best of all who have been Patriots. In addition to their yearly nomination of three players, or coaches to be considered as the next member of the Patriots Hall of Fame, in this the 50th Anniversary of the franchise, the committee also deliberated the formation of four All-Decade Teams and the ultimate — the Patriots 50th Anniversary Team.

Starting with the 50th Anniversary, All-Decade Teams will be compiled in an effort to preserve the accomplishments and achievements of the best Patriots players in their respective eras. The committee first reviewed the Patriots 10th Anniversary Team, which was selected by fan vote in 1971, to create 1960s All-Decade Team before moving onward through the procession of time until they’d created teams for the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

In 2010, the committee will select the All-Decade Team of the 2000s.

The committee, which is comprised of longtime Patriots staffers, members of the media and former Patriots players, embodies a living, breathing history of the team. Nestled around tables in the meeting space inside The Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon, the members voiced their support for various candidates at each position, respective to their contemporaries in their decade. The conversation was always spirited, more often light-hearted as stories from days gone by were exchanged.

Once the All-Decade Teams votes were tabulated, discussion then opened up to the 50th Anniversary Team with current players entering into the argument.

Both the 50th Anniversary Team list and three nominees eligible for induction into the Patriots Hall of Fame will be announced at a later date, so be sure to browse to in the lead up to those announcements.

All-Decade Teams


         OT Charlie Long  
         OT Tom Neville  
         G Billy Neighbors  
         G Lennie St. Jean  
         C Jon Morris  
         TE Jim Whalen  
         WR Jim Colclough  
         WR Art Graham  
         QB Vito "Babe" Parilli  
         RB Larry Garron  
         RB Jim Nance

DE Bob Dee
DE Larry Eisenhauer
DT Houston Antwine
DT Jim Lee Hunt
OLB Tom Addison
OLB Ed Philpott
MLB Nick Buoniconti
CB Chuck Shonta
CB Daryl Johnson
S Don Webb
S Ron Hall

K Gino Cappelletti
P Tom Yewcic
Ret. Larry Garron
SpT Don Webb

Coach Mike Holovak

         <td valign="top"><strong>1970s</strong>  
         OT Leon Gray  
         OT Tom Neville  
         G John Hannah  
         G Sam Adams  
         C Bill Lenkaitis  
         TE Russ Francis   
         WR Stanley Morgan  
         WR Randy Vataha  
         QB Steve Grogan  
         RB Sam Cunningham  
         RB Andy Johnson

DE Julius Adams
DE Tony McGee
NT Ray Hamilton
OLB Steve Zabel
OLB Steve King
ILB Steve Nelson
ILB Sam Hunt
CB Raymond Clayborn
CB Mike Haynes
S Tim Fox
S Prentice McCray

K John Smith
P Mike Patrick
Ret. Mack Herron
SpT Mosi Tatupu

Coach Chuck Fairbanks

         <td valign="top"><strong>1980s</strong>  
         OT Bruce Armstrong  
         OT Brian Holloway  
         G John Hannah  
         G Ron Wooten  
         C Pete Brock  
         TE Lin Dawson  
         WR Irving Fryar  
         WR Stanley Morgan  
         QB Steve Grogan  
         RB Tony Collins  
         RB Craig James

DE Julius Adams
DE Garin Veris
NT Richard Bishop
OLB Andre Tippett
OLB Don Blackmon
ILB Steve Nelson
ILB Johnny Rembert
CB Raymond Clayborn
CB Ronnie Lippett
S Roland James
S Fred Marion

K Tony Franklin
P Rich Camarillo
Ret. Irving Fryar
SpT Mosi Tatupu

Coach Raymond Berry

         <td valign="top"><strong>1990s</strong>  
         OT Bruce Armstrong  
         OT Pat Harlow  
         G Todd Rucci  
         G Max Lane  
         C Dave Wohlabaugh  
         TE Ben Coates  
         WR Terry Glenn  
         WR Shawn Jefferson  
         QB Drew Bledsoe  
         RB Curtis Martin  
         RB Leonard Russell

DE Willie McGinest
DE Brent Williams
NT Tim Goad
OLB Andre Tippett
OLB Chris Slade
ILB Vincent Brown
ILB Ted Johnson
CB Maurice Hurst
CB Ty Law
S Willie Clay
S Lawyer Milloy

K Adam Vinatieri
P Tom Tupa
Ret. Dave Meggett
SpT Larry Whigham

Coach Bill Parcells


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