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Patriots captains set the tone for Lions week

The Patriots are excited to be back home as they lock in on trying to get their second win of the season against the Detroit Lions.


The Patriots don't need any reminders that they're off to their second-straight 1-3 start to a season but that's the beauty of their continual short-term focus, ignoring the noise and not wasting time worrying about factors outside their control, but instead just focusing on making the most of their day's preparation.

Sure, the team needs a win this week just like they do any other week, but the slow start won't change their outlook.

"For us, it's about going out there and playing good football, going out there trying to get a win," said Devin McCourty from the podium on Wednesday afternoon. "1-3, we want that winning feeling on Sunday, we haven't had it but one time this year. I think that's been the focus and I think that's a good thing."

"W's are very important, I think every week we look for a win, like I said in the past if we were zero and anything or undefeated, we want to win the next game," said Deatrich Wise, who will face a tall task against a stout Detroit offensive line that boasts three first-rounders. "Lot of size and strength, that's what the Detroit Lions are, they're very big and very strong."

The Lions have the same record and boast some outstanding offensive statistics but also some defensive ones they'll surely be looking to improve on. Bill Belichick laid out some of the more dangerous elements from Detroit during his press availability on Wednesday.

"This is an interesting team to look at," said Belichick. "We haven't seen them in several years here. It's a very talented team. They are explosive, aggressive, and they really play that way consistently. Special teams is a real strength of the team."

Perhaps most dangerous is a two-headed rushing attack that has the second-most touchdowns in the league.

"They have a good scheme with a good, balanced attack," continued Belichick. "They set it up so that if you're stopping one thing, you can't stop the complimentary play that goes with it, whether it's a complimentary run or complimentary pass. They execute well. Their backs are good. They make a lot of yards on their own."

Despite the Lions defense ranking last in the league in points against, David Andrews is expecting a spin-the-dial type blitz game that should complicate the lives of the offensive line.

"A team that likes to blitz a lot. So, you know, we've got to make sure me and [the quarterback] are on the same page, seeing it the same way," said Andrews. "It will be a big challenge, but it always is every week."

Who Andrews will be snapping to is still unclear with Mac Jones attending practice but Brian Hoyer missing. Early indications seem to be that Bailey Zappe could make the first start of his career after getting his feet wet last week. Zappe is part of a rookie class that is starting to make their impact felt.

"It's a really good energy honestly, those [rookies] work so hard, and to see what they do in the weight room and on the practice field pay off on the game day is awesome," said Wise. "Those guys are doing phenomenal and we're behind them one hundred percent."

"These guys coming out and being able to make plays early in their career is going to help us as a football team," said McCourty of the rooks.

With one day of prep under their belt, the Patriots have a full sense of their opponent and the stakes, while players like McCourty are looking forward to getting back to a place they haven't seen much of since the season started, Gillette Stadium.

"Because we've been away so much it feels good to be back home and it feels good to have an opportunity to play in front of our crowd again and hopefully walk away with a win."

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