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Patriots Postgame Quotes - 10/20/2013

New England Patriots players comment on their regular season game against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, October 20, 2013.


TE Rob Gronkowski**

On playing in his first game this season...
It felt good to be out there with my teammates. Give credit to the Jets, they are a good team with a good defense. We have to make more plays.

On how he feels physically...
I feel good. I just have to keep working hard every week. I have a lot to improve on.

On if he was in the rhythm of the offense...
You're not trying to get into rhythm during the game. You want to be in rhythm at the very beginning of the game. We moved the ball well at times. But you have to move the ball well at all times. We have to make more plays. Personally, I have to come down with some of those passes. I could have had some of them and I have to catch them in the future.

On if he was hesitant at all...
No, it felt good. After the first play everything felt normal.

On if he was rusty...
I don't want to say that, because that is what practice is for, to knock off the rust. are no excuses, I have to make plays at all times. I have to work hard in practice and keep grinding. I have to get better every week.

On his potential one handed catch in the fourth quarter...
I'm mad at myself. I had it, I brought it in, then I dropped it. I have to work There hard in practice. I have to catch more balls in practice.

On a missed pass near the end zone in the third quarter...
I didn't see the ball at all, but that is no excuse. You have to be prepared for situations like that. I have to do a better job there. It was a nice throw and could have been a great play.

On if he was tired during the no-huddle offense...
It's football and you're running around a lot, so yes, you get fatigued. That's something I have to work on in practice and get my conditioning up.


DT Chris Jones**

On if he knew about the not being able to push a teammate into another to break-play...
Yes. We have probably talked about it before. It slipped my mind at the time. Now I know it. I just have to keep that in mind during the up coming games so I don't make that mistake again.

On if he feels upset that he caused the penalty...
It's tough. Any time you lose it's hard. You never want to lose. Being a competitor, you never want to lose a game.

On if it's hard to take ownership of the penalty...
No. The mistake was mine. I take it. I put it on my shoulders. It was all my fault. It was no one else.

On if he felt that the penalty was a gift to the Jets...
The Jets played a good game. I had the penalty so we just gave the ball back to them. They had a chance for another field goal. I don't know if it was a gift. It was just a mistake by me.

WR Matt Slater

On the penalty called on Chris Jones...
We go over a lot of different things. I know you have been asking Chris (Jones) a lot of questions, but it is not his fault that we lost the game. Over the course of the game, there were a lot of plays we left on the field. We lost this game as a team. We stand behind each one of our teammates through the good times and bad. It is what it is.

On how much time during practice was devoted to preventing the penalty...
I would rather not get into that. That one play was not why we lost that game.

On how it felt being back on the field...
I am so thankful to be back out there. It was a tough time being away from my teammates. I just thank God for healing me and strengthening my spirit and body to get back out there to play with the guys. I had a lot of fun. I just wish the out come could have been different, but I feel blessed to be back out there today.

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