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PK Sam Player Journal

06/15/04 about the mini camps

The mini camps have been informational. They are throwing the whole playbook at you. It's a catch up game for all the rookies to learn the plays and do their best to try and make the team. It's a great group of guys here, especially the receivers. Everybody is helpful, there's no jealousy. New England is known for playing the best guy, and it makes it easier to go out there and compete because you know if you're doing the best, you're going to get a shot. The coaching staff is great, of course a great coaching staff goes hand in hand with a great team. I am doing pretty well adjusting here. I still have a long way to go obviously, but I am trying to stay on top of it, even if that means I have to lose an hour's sleep at night to learn the playbook. I have a lot of goals, the first one is to make the team, and every rookie wants to make the Pro Bowl or be Rookie of the Year. I know that the team spreads the ball out, and I'd just like to be part of the team and win a Super Bowl. Whatever comes after that is just icing on the cake.

The biggest surprise in terms of my transition is in college it's kind of hands on, now they throw the playbook at you and it's up you to catch on. Colleges understand you have four or five years to learn, it's a lot different trying to play your true freshman year of college and your rookie year in the NFL.

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