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Quick Kicks: Patriots 2012 draft slots

PALM BEACH, Fla. — Now that the NFL has awarded its 32 compensatory picks to the 15 various clubs who were deserving (based on the league's formula), the Patriots now know exactly where they'll be selecting in round four (compensatory picks start at the end of round three, and the club has no choices in rounds five through seven).

Here are the six picks New England currently owns in the 2012 Draft (to be held April 26-28):

Round 1: picks 27 *and 31*

Round 2: overall picks 48 *and 62*

Round 3: overall pick 93

Round 4: overall pick 126

So, as it currently sits, the Patriots are top-heavy, with two picks on day 1 (Thursday, the 26th), three on day 2 (Friday, the 27th), and just one on day 3 (Saturday, the 28th). New England had nine total picks last year, and 12 in each of the two drafts before that.

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