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Ravens Postgame Quotes

Baltimore Ravens players comment on their 27-21 loss to the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, October 4, 2009.

Joe Flacco, Quarterback
(On the tough loss...)

"Every loss is pretty tough, but we have all lost before. The most important thing in the NFL is how you respond to a loss, we just have to go look at the film and see what we can learn and look forward to next week."

(On fourth quarter comeback on his mind)

"No, We are trying to win the football game, that's the bottom line. I am not thinking about a fourth quarter win."

(On the offense)

"We didn't execute when we needed to, we didn't execute the plays that were critical in the game. We just didn't put enough points on the board, but that is the way it goes sometimes."

(On the New England defense getting hands on the ball)

"They did a good job, that's part of a tough football game. You are going to have plays like that where they win and where you come back and beat them. They have the markings of a tough team, I think we are that kind of team, we just came up a little short today."

(On getting hit a couple of times)

"It's a football game, that's what happens. I had a lot of fun, I wish we went out there and [had] been able to score a little bit more. At the end of the half, it would have been a big score, but it happens and we will learn from it as much as we can and move on to Cincinnati."

(On the play at the end of the half)

"It was a bad job by myself, we were looking for Mark (Clayton) and I just choked the ball and I threw it right to the guy. You guys could see it. It wasn't that great of a play. I will go back and look at it and see what I saw, but that was me."

(On what roughing the quarterback is)

"I am always surprised when they get called against us, I mean, come on, everybody wants the call for them. They don't want to see any calls against them. I mean, sometimes if I get a call, I am like 'oh man, I can't believe I got that one.' "

(On going toe to toe with Tom Brady)

"I am not looking to play on Tom Brady's level. I am looking to play on Joe Flacco's level and the Baltimore Ravens' level. I am not playing against Tom Brady, I am playing against the New England Patriots. We are a good football team and they are a good football team. The bottom line is they won and we didn't come up when we needed to. We will learn from it and I am not comparing myself to anybody. I go out there and play football. We play the way we play in Baltimore."

(On the play that led to the injury of LT Jared Gaither)

"I looked like it might have been his shoulder or something, but I don't have any idea what happened to him. I hope he is alright. I hope it's nothing too serious, so we can get him back pretty soon. The guys stepped in and did a great job. Marshal (Yanda) came in and Mike (Oher) moved over to the left side they played great all game. You can't complain about what they did."

Trevor Pryce, Defensive End(On the game)

"You have to go with the punches and tomorrow at one o'clock it is over with. Good, bad or indifferent, the good ones are great and if we won great, we lost, ok fine but tomorrow it is gone. We move on to the next game and that's the great thing about the NFL."

(On his strip sack)

"People are not used to 295 pound speed rushers. It is a little different for the tackles to deal with. It was more of a product of the quarterback holding the ball. It took a little while to get there, but [Tom Brady] was just patting the ball like he was in practice, next thing you know I was right next to him. It was big product of Brady holding the ball "

(On the intensity of the game)

"I am sure the NFL and the fans loved it. The only people that are unhappy about this game are us (Ravens), the guys in this locker room. The people who watch it at home can just brush it off. We have to live with it for 15 or 16 hours and then it is gone. Good, bad and indifferent, you do great it is gone, you do bad it is gone. The NFL plays so much and moves so fast you don't have time to relish the good, the bad or the ugly."

Dannell Ellerbe, Linebacker(On playing in his first game)

"It was amazing, just to be out there. Reading the other team and playing with them in a real game, it just felt great. The speed of the game wasn't as fast as I thought it was going to be and I was just as fast as the other guys. I kept telling myself, just calm down, just calm down. I felt like I did a good job and felt like I handled my own out there. I felt like I belonged in that position. It was the first game so I couldn't expect too much, but it felt good. I want to play as much as possible, that is why I came here. I love football and I love this team (Ravens)."

Ben Grubbs, Guard(On playing after Jared Gaither's injury)

"We don't want to see anyone get hurt. You don't want to see one of your teammates get carried off the field. But we have to work. The next man, Marshal (Yanda), came in, Michael (Oher) went to left tackle and they did a heck of a job. We haven't heard (how he is) other than his mom said he is doing pretty good."

Todd Heap, Tight End(On the Raven Offense)

"It seemed like we had a few good drives but a couple stalled out. We had drive ending penalties. Other things that were setting us back. We were kind of playing against ourselves there. When we did get the ball moving we were able to move it down the field. We have to take some positives from it but we still have a lot to work on. It was just 'doing what we do'. We came in with a game plan and we just stuck with that. That was our mind set going into this game but we came up short. You learn from losses like this."

(On comparisons to other elite teams)

"Right now we are not worried about anyone else. Right now we are in the fourth game of the season and we are worried about getting better and seeing how good we can get as a team."

Mark Clayton, Wide Receiver(On his drop at the end of the game)

"Obviously we needed a touchdown. It came down to fourth down. We had a really good call. I got open and just dropped the ball. We are fighters. We could go up and down the field and do what we can to keep ourselves in the game. We gave ourselves an opportunity to win. Flat out drop. It was a perfect ball Joe put it on the money. To not come up with it is tough. It cost us the game."

Derrick Mason, Wide Receiver(On the game)

"You couldn't ask for a better game. With two very good teams going out there and battling. One team takes the early lead; the other team comes back and fights. It was just one of those ebb and flow games, and unfortunately we came out on the losing end of it. As a team I am proud of what we did, we stayed resilient, we stayed true to what we were doing. We went down there and put ourselves in a position to win the game. "

(On the touchdown pass)

"They (Patriots) came out playing single coverage and that is what we thrive to get. If you are going to play single coverage and think you are going to get to us, we are going to beat you. So that is what we did, then they started mixing things up somewhat. Early on Joe (Flacco) and I started clicking even though Kelley (Washington) was getting open along with Todd (Heap) and Mark (Clayton) getting some catches. As an offense we were just trying to find some holes in their defense. That is a very good defense they have. "

(On the last drive)

"We were confident. We as a team felt as if we were going to finish this, and that is what we were committed to. The defense did a great job holding them and giving us the opportunity to put some points on the board. "

Michael Oher, Tackle(On Patriots)

"They had a pretty good defense. I had to move over to the left and it was a little different, but we have to do what we have to do and move on. "

(On having to move over to left tackle in middle of game)

"I take a couple of snaps at left tackle in practice, but it's definitely a big difference to switch in the middle of the game. We have to do what we need to do in order to give our team a chance to win."

Terrel Suggs, Linebacker(On Tom Brady)

"He's a great quarterback, probably one of the greatest. We gave a lot to him earlier and he showed why he's one of the greatest."

(On whether the game was a measuring stick)

"Not at all. Every week is a test. We gave a lot to a great team early in the game. They are going to be good and we are going to be good. Hopefully we will get another crack at them later."

(On play of Ravens defense)

"This is the NFL. Don't get me wrong, some offenses are going to have some success against us, but this the NFL. We are still a great defense. Ask the Patriots about our defense. Ask them how physical we played. All four teams we played know how physical we are. "

Ray Lewis, Linebacker
(On frustration with penalties)

"Without totally going off the wall here, it is embarrassing to the game. Brady is good enough to make his own plays, let him make the play. When you have two great teams that are going at it, let them go at it. Both of their touchdown drives had personal fouls on them that kept the drives alive. Did that win or lose the game? No, but it got them 14 points."

(On what they take from the game)

"This team is so resilient. No matter what happens, we don't drop our heads for nothing. We still had an opportunity to win. Did we win it? No, but we weren't looking to go 16 and 0, so if you are going to take one on the chin, might as well take one early."

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