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Robert Kraft wishes Boston Renegades luck in pursuit of 7th Women's Football Alliance title

The New England Patriots chairman and CEO called Renegades owner Molly Goodwin this week to deliver the message and offer the team a ride to Canton.


Another title could be coming back to Boston.

The Boston Renegades are en route to the National Championship to defend their title atop the Women's Football Alliance. A win in Canton, Ohio on July 10 would cap off a second-straight undefeated season and the Renegades' fourth WFA crown since 2018.

New England Patriots chairman and CEO Robert Kraft was sure to wish the team well in upholding their similar run of success.

"No matter where I was in the world I think it was worthy to congratulate someone who has achieved what you've achieved -- a second year in a row undefeated and now going to the championship game in Canton for your seventh championship," Kraft said to Molly Goodwin, owner of the Renegades.

Goodwin was a player on the Boston Militia, the former tackle football champion that announced plans to discontinue operations in 2015.

Ownership was transferred to Goodwin and two teammates under a new name, and she even served as a rookie defensive coach in that inaugural Renegades season. Against all odds, they gave a second breath to their women's tackle football dynasty, making for six total championships in total.

"We think it's really great, especially in this month of June which celebrated 15 years of Title IX, what you represent for all women's sports," Kraft told Goodwin over FaceTime.

In addition to offering good luck, Kraft kept up tradition in offering transportation to Canton on the Patriots team plane.

"You guys are huge supporters of women and women's sports all along and we're so grateful because, as you know, we normally can't travel together as a team because of costs for us," Goodwin said.

"This allows us to be a team, right from the get-go, to travel together, to arrive together, to come home together, and really be a team. It also allows us to bring staff members that we wouldn't have brought otherwise. We're so grateful for your generosity, for everything that the Patriots do for women, and we can't thank you enough."

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