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SNL knows New England loves its Dunkin'

Patriots Season Ticket Members and Wait List Members rejoice. There's another reason to love Dunkin' Donuts and the Patriots with this loyalty program.


New Englanders love their Dunkin' Donuts coffee. Ok – New Englanders *really *love their Dunkin' coffee.

So it came as no surprise to find Saturday Night Live using our love for Dunkin' as the theme for one of their famous commercial parodies. In the episode hosted by Boston native Casey Affleck, the skit featured loyal Dunkin' Donuts customers worshipping the franchise in stereotypical Boston fashion.

Dewey is played by Mikey Day repping the Patriots with a knit hat, along with his friend Donnie played by Casey. The two irreverently show their love for the coffee chain as they terrorize and actual Dunkin's shop. As the commercial ends, Donnie asks Dewey if it's sad that the best part of his day is at Dunkin'. While a fellow customer says yes, we here at Lifestyle don't think so.

And yes, we're piggybacking off this awesome piece of comedy to tell you about how much the Patriots love Dunkin' too.

Every "Victory Monday" is known in New England as a chance to get an 87 cent coffee, and as a partner of the Patriots, Dunkin fans that are Season Ticket Members or Wait List members can get some pretty sweet perks as part of thePatriots365 loyalty program. Now, you can earn credits toward your season ticket invoice when you frequent Dunkin's using their DD Perks program.

So if you're a Patriots Season Ticket Member, you can earn 15 percent on qualified purchases at Dunkin' Donuts with your DD Perks card. If you're Wait List Member, you'll get 10 percent toward Patriots ProShop purchases.

The Patriots have also partnered with Uber and Papa Gino's to give Season Ticket Members other ways to earn. Check out to find out all the details. And of course, next time you're at Dunkin' Donuts, say hello to Dewey and Donnie for us!

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