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Sony Michel shows off his new grill on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

Before heading to Boston for Tuesday's parade, Sony Michel stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to share Super Bowl stories. 

There ain't no rest for the wicked great Super Bowl champions.

After Super Bowl LIII and before the Patriots hit the streets of Boston for the parade, Sony Michel, the game's only touchdown scorer, made a stop in Los Angeles. On Monday, Sony was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" talking about the big game, the after-party and his special Super Bowl purchase: a new grill.

No, not the food cooking kind -- the jewelry kind.

He showed off the new set he bought just for the Super Bowl, and even showed the crowd the case he puts the grill in.

"Oh, they come out," he said. "You never see a grill come out. It's like somebody's taking out their teeth. It's uncomfortable."

Sony brought the jokes for Kimmel's show and shared some insight into the team's post-game party when Jimmy asked if Tom Brady cut loose and ate "a melon slice or something like that."

"Actually, when I got there, I kind of expected it to be like the players, parents. It was more people than I thought, so he kind of had his own VIP area at the top," Sony said. "I kind of felt like a fan. Everybody was taking pictures. Everybody had their phones out, so I pulled out my phone even though I just got off the field with him."

You can check out the rest of Sony's interview in the video below.

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