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Tom Brady lands on 'Sports Illustrated' cover

Tom Brady earns a spot on "Sports Illustrated" for the 20th time.

Courtesy of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED/Erick W. Rasco

As the Patriots return to their sixth straight AFC Championship, Tom Brady falls back to a familiar spot: the cover of "Sports Illustrated."

In the latest edition of the magazine, Tom is front and center, prepared to take a snap during a game. Over the course of his career, Tom has appeared on the cover of "Sports Illustrated 20 times (24 if you include commemorative editions), and this one delves into the quarterback's relationship with his receivers. All of them.

Tim Layden, who wrote another touching story about Tom earlier this year, talked to a slew of Tom's current and former receivers, dating back to his high school days in California. "Brotherhood of Brady" includes at least 120 receivers, according to Layden. Some of them Patriots fans will remember fondly, others they never knew. Either way, it is a fun read through Tom's history on the field -- beginning in high school, coming up through Michigan and, of course, making history in Foxborough.

You can read the whole story here. Check out Tom Brady through the years on "Sports Illustrated"in the gallery hereand in the SI Vault

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