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Tom Brady's favorite sports movies, as told on WEEI 

Who doesn't love "Rudy?"

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Tom Brady's weekly phone calls with WEEI often cover the week in Patriots news, from his performance to his teammates, but sometimes the conversations lead to very important information not related to the game.

Like Tom's favorite sports movies.

After posting on his Instagram story this weekend of his kids emerging from cornstalks onto a baseball field, there was a distinct "Field of Dreams" vibe, and when asked about it, the conversation quickly turned to Tom's favorite sports movies. Here's what the quarterback had to say.

The first movie on the list wasn't a football movie but a classic basketball film. Tom said "Hoosiers" would for sure make his list of all-time sports movies. "Rudy" also made the cut.

"I think 'Rudy' is in there, even though it's Notre Dame, which I'm not the biggest Notre Dame fan," he said.

Tom described "A League of Their Own," "Brian's Song," and "Remember the Titans," and as "good," "great," and "spectacular" respectively, but when "Any Given Sunday" was brought up, he didn't seem impressed.

"I wouldn't put 'Any Given Sunday' in there," he said. "[It's] a good movie, but it's not in the same league as the others," he said.

Though he feels passionately about some of these movies, Tom did say he and his wife, Gisele Bündchen, rarely have time to keep up with the trending shows these days. Taking care of their kids and their busy schedules makes it harder to find the time than it used to.

"When we first met, we had a lot of free time on our hands, so we would watch a lot of movies," he said. "Then we had kids, and we have like no time to watch like five minutes of anything. Everyone's always like, 'You got to see 'Breaking Bad,' and I'm always like, 'Yeah, I would love to, but I have no time.'"

Alright, so that's fair. Time is limited, even for Tom and Gisele, but just keep your "Breaking Bad" spoilers away from the GOAT.

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