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What we learned about Tom Brady at Michigan Signing Day

On Wednesday, Tom Brady headed back to his alma mater to mark National Signing Day alongside other prominent alumni like Derek Jeter and comedian Randy Sklar. During the day's festivities, Tom took some time to sit down with Randy and Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh to talk about his own college football career. Here are a few things we learned from their chat.

1. His college team was all about one thing
Tom shared some insight into his days at Michigan by telling a story about his 1997 championship team.

"Coach Carr asked the team, 'Well, what should some of our goals be?" Just like previous years, we used to write them down and we would carry them in our wallet. There were like 15 goals – win at home, do this, do that, do that – and our fullback, who's a great player from Michigan and he's from the state of Michigan, Chris Floyd, said, "How about we just have one? Just win. And we just won that year."

2. Tom wasn't prepared for those cold Michigan winters
"It was rough," the California native said of his first cold season at college. "I wasn't quite sure what to expect. My roommate and some of my best friends are here from growing up in school, but they taught me some of the ropes. There was one from just outside of Chicago and my roommate was from outside of Cleveland and went to St. Ignatius. They taught me what a North Face jacket was."

3. He still makes time to support his alma mater
Although football season is a pretty busy time for TB12, he told the crowd that he watches every Michigan game, even if that means following the action while flying on Patriots travel days.

4. The King of Facebook doesn't have a handle on Twitter
Tom has been praised for **having fun with Facebook**, but he still doesn't quite get Twitter. As Coach Harbaugh talked about one of his team's sayings, Tom asked, "Is that on Twitter? Can you make that into 80 characters or whatever they do?" Of course, Twitter is famous for its 140- character limit. 

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