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10 fun facts with Rex Burkhead

Patriots Nation learned a lot about Rex Burkhead through his Pats Chat Q&A Tuesday morning.

"Focus on the process and compete everyday." -Bo Pelini

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Although it's only been a few months' time since Rex Burkhead arrived in New England, fans have come to know the first year Patriot for breaking tackles and catching touchdown passes on game days. 

But on Tuesday morning, the team's new running back was a guest on Pats Chat, a weekly show hosted by Ashlee Feldman at The Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon, and Patriots Nation had the chance to get to know Rex even better. 

During the shows Q&A session with high school students from Shrewsbury, Mass., and viewers on Facebook live, Rex was asked about everything from his favorite type of music to his go-to hobbies off the football field. 

Here are 10 fun facts Rex shared with the class. 

  1. He was named after NBA and University of Kentucky player Rex Chapman. 
  1. Rex majored in history and has already hit up some famous Boston historical spots, including the Freedom Trail and the Bunker Hill monument. 
  1. Growing up in Texas, he became a big fan of country music. Tim McGraw tops his list, but he did lift weights with Kenny Chesney when he was in town last month. 
  1. Rex doesn't just love football. He played basketball and had offers to play in college. 
  1. Rex isn't the only football player in his family. Though he didn't make a team, his dad went to training camp with the Dolphins in 1992 and with the Eagles in 1993. 
  1. His pup Sadie is queen of his social media. And who can blame him? 

Happy #nationaldogday #sadieburkhead

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  1. "Points of Authority" by Linkin Park is his go-to pump up song. 
  1. Rex grew up a Rangers fan, but he's converted to the Red Sox since moving to New England. 
  1. When asked for what advice he'd offer the high school seniors, he delivered.

He said, "Work your tail off, like I said earlier. That's a big reason why I'm in the position I am. Never losing focus. It doesn't matter if you want to be a doctor, a teacher, whatever it may be. If you get caught up in distractions and lose that focus on your dreams and passions, then it's probably not going to come true. As long as you stay that course and realize what you want to do in life, then you can attain anything."

  1. Rex loves to go to the movies. He's a self-described "movie buff."

Check out the whole Pats Chat with Rex in the video below. 

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