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40 players granted special eligibility for draft

(Jan. 19, 2007) -- The National Football League announced the names of 40 players who have been granted special eligibility for the 2007 NFL Draft on April 28-29.

Each of the 40 players has met the league's three-year eligibility rule and each has submitted a written application in which he renounced his remaining college football eligibility. The deadline for receiving applications was Jan. 15.

The players declared eligible are:

Player Pos. College
Abbate, Jon LB Wake Forest
Anderson, Jamaal DE Arkansas
Applewhite, Antwan DE San Diego State
Beason, Jon LB Miami
Bradshaw, Ahmad RB Marshall
Branch, Alan DT Michigan
Bush, Michael RB Louisville
Carter, Keenan NT Virginia
Doughty, Stanley DT South Carolina
Gaddis, C.J. DB Clemson
Ginn Jr., Ted WR Ohio State
Gonzalez, Anthony WR Ohio State
Henry, Chris RB Arizona
Houston, Chris DB Arkansas
Jack, Jason DE Texas A&M
Jackson, Brandon RB Nebraska
Jarrett, Dwayne WR Southern California
Johnson, Calvin WR Georgia Tech
Johnson, Charles DE Georgia
Johnson, Rory LB Mississippi
Lynch, Marshawn RB California
Meachem, Robert WR Tennessee
Miller, Zach TE Arizona State
Moss, Jarvis DE Florida
Nelson, Reggie DB Florida
Olsen, Greg TE Miami
Peterson, Adrian RB Oklahoma
Pittman, Antonio RB Ohio State
Revis, Darrelle DB Pittsburgh
Rice, Sidney WR South Carolina
Russell, Gary RB Minnesota
Russell, JaMarcus QB Louisiana State
Siler, Brandon LB Florida
Smith, Ryan DB Florida
Stratton, Brock LB Texas Tech
Taylor, Ramonce RB Texas
Timmons, Lawrence LB Florida State
Walker, Darius RB Notre Dame
Ware, Danny RB Georgia
Wright, Eric DB Nevada-Las Vegas

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