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Actor John Krasinski talks Patriots, Boston sports pride

"The Office" star explains why he's not worried about his hometown team's chances in the playoffs.


John Krasinski may be a big Hollywood star, but he hasn't abandoned his hometown sports teams.

Appearing on ESPN's "His & Hers," the Newton, Mass., native answered the question running through all Patriots fans' minds right now: are you worried about the playoffs?

"I'm not concerned," he told hosts Michael Smith and Jemele Hill. "I mean, yes, that's my pigheaded Boston ways to say I'm not concerned, but no, I think that – we were just talking about it in the break – I think Edelman's coming back and if he does come back it's a whole new ballgame."

John also brought the laughs when asked if he can understand why people aren't too fond of Boston sports fans.

"I don't know what you're talking about," he joked. "I guess you guys hate winning and legacy and dynasty teams."

Kidding aside, he told Michael and Jemele, "It's fun to be from a place that has so much tradition and legendary sort of sports stories to tell my daughter one day very soon."


Also part of John's visit to ESPN, he did a quick Q&A revealing his favorite athlete of the moment (TB12), favorite athlete of all time (Larry Bird) and his favorite emoji (laughing crying face).


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