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49ers GM Baalke quotes Bill


INDIANAPOLIS - San Francisco 49ers GM Trent Baalke was one of the first few NFL decision makers to take to the podium Thursday morning at the Combine. Coming off a Super Bowl loss earlier this month, Baalke was asked a number of personnel related questions, including one about his team reaching the big game without much of a contribution from the 2012 draft class.

In answering that question, Baalke referenced either the current or former Patriots head coach - he wasn't exactly sure.

"I think it was coach [Bill] Belichick or coach [Bill] Parcells years ago who said, if you're getting a ton of production and you're having a lot of guys make the team from your draft class, you're probably not in a position to play in a Super Bowl. So maybe there is something to that."

Baalke also was asked about the advent of the read option in the NFL, something that San Francisco helped key with the decision to change to Colin Kaepernick at quarterback. The read option offense has already been a popular topic of discussion at the Combine.

"It's stresses the defense," Baalke said of the value and growth of the read option in the NFL. "The more that person can do, the more stress it puts on. But Peyton Manning puts a lot of stress on the defense too."

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