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5 takeaways from Phillip Dorsett II's interview on 'Patriots Off Topic'

Here is what we learned about the Patriots receiver. 

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Phillip Dorsett II stopped by the "Patriots Off Topic" studio last week, and the wide receiver opened up about his family, his dog and his ties to the Bahamas in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. Patriots fans can learn a lot about Dorsett in the latest episode, but here are a few takeaways from the conversation.

He's not picky with nicknames.
Though his full name is Phillip Dorsett II, he doesn't mind going by Phil or Phillip. He has no preference. And as for the his nickname that's taken off, PD-13, he likes it.

"Honestly, I never really even thought of it until they started calling me it. I was like that's pretty clever," he said.

He's not the only athlete in his family.
Dorsett's sister, Bri, is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder, and the two train together during his offseason. Though they're both professional athletes, Dorsett says her workouts are tough, but despite being naturally competitive, he said their relationship is one of support and encouragement.

He's always in the gym.
In fact, when his football days are done, Dorsett would consider becoming a trainer. The one thing he hates, however? Distance running.

Dash Dorsett.
Who needs an alarm clock when you've got a two-year old dog? Dash is a Yorkie, and he lives up to his name with energy and a lot of "zoomies." Over the offseason, Dorsett, Lawrence Guy and James White all traveled back to Florida together. With seven dogs on a plane, roaming around and having fun, Dorsett said "it was a circus."

Though his family is safe after Hurricane Dorian, he plans to help in any way he can.
Every offseason, Dorsett and his family go to the Bahamas, where his dad's family is from. In the wake of Hurricane Dorian that hit the islands in August, Dorsett talked about his family, their time on the islands and the damage his family has seen.

"I have a lot of family in the Bahamas. My dad is from there. He's got nine brothers and sisters. He's got a lot of people that are still there, and it's a lot going on right now. We still don't know the death toll. It's still goes up. It's crazy because it's not a lot of contact. It's already hard to contact them while they're over there because it's out of the country. Once we get everybody together and we know what they need, I'm going to be ready to donate whatever I need."

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