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Adalius Thomas Conference Call Transcript

Patriots linebacker Adalius Thomas addresses the Baltimore media during his conference call on Wednesday, September 30, 2009.

On if he has any fond memories of Baltimore, or if that seems like a distant memory: "It has been over three years ago, so you just let it go and move on."

On if he thought it was strange to see Jets head coach Rex Ryan and LB Bart Scott in a green uniform this year:"No. I mean, it's always changing in the NFL. It's no different. There's always somebody moving on. It's a good thing."

On if the Patriots are using him in a variety of positions the way Baltimore did: "You can look and see that for yourself. Whatever it is, whatever the best matchup is for us, or wherever we need depth in our defense, that's what we do."

On his comfort level with the Patriots' defense: "You get more and more comfortable as you play in the same scheme and under the same coaches. You just get more and more comfortable."

On if he's been asked to add more to his plate with Patriots LB Jerod Mayo being out for a couple more weeks:"Not necessarily. I think that, just like I said, it really depends on what it is that we're trying to accomplish that week. Everybody's asked to do different things at different times, so that's just how it falls."

On if Ravens QB Joe Flacco looks like a guy in his second year in terms of composure: "He's playing very well. Flacco throws the deep ball, is managing the game very well, is throwing the ball deep to receivers, and has a great run game. I think he's doing a very good job. You can't tell he's a second-year guy."

On if he wants to see how Flacco deals with pressure: "I don't know. Whatever it is that we call, whatever that may be, we just play what is called."

On how to prepare for RBs Ray Rice and Willis McGahee and their two different styles: "Both of them are good running backs. You just have to get 11 guys to the ball. You've got Ray Rice who's fast. He hits the corner. McGahee is an older guy that does the same thing. Your point of attack is everywhere. It's not a set thing. Jump-cut runners, I think both of them are very explosive. Both of them are very good backs."

On if he feels like he's dispelling the myth that Ravens defensive players who go to other teams don't play well: "I don't really care about the myth. That has nothing to do with football."

On if he misses Baltimore at all: "That has nothing to do with football, if I miss Baltimore or not. That has nothing to do with football." (laughing)

On if he feels like the Patriots' defense shored some things up in the game against Atlanta:"I think we just have to continue to improve overall. I think that I don't make analysis of the defense as a whole. I think the coaches do that. Let them concentrate on who needs to do what and how we're doing and everything. I think that the most important thing is for me to get better individually and worry about the things that I have to do with my technique and coverage and everything else."

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