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Adalius Thomas Press Conference Quotes - 1/28/2008

New England Patriots linebacker Adalius Thomas addresses the media during his press conference at the Super Bowl XLII media center on Janauary 28, 2008.

*(on being focused as a team)
*"Whatever it is that needs to be done to bring focus to the task at hand, we are willing to do, no matter what it is. We just channel all of our focus on our opponent."

*(on playing his cousin Justin Tuck on Sunday)
*"It'll be a little different because he's not on offense. If he was on offense, then there would be little bit more smack talking. I wish him luck anytime except for this Sunday. It'll be different. His family is here and my family is here. It'll be bittersweet for one family."

*(on if he and Justin Tuck have played against each other before)
*"I think we played each other in pre-season. It'll be our first time facing each other. I'm sure we'll get together the next couple of nights and talk on the phone."

*(on motivation as a team and trash talking)
*"One thing I've learned this year more than anything else is none of that matters. Nothing that you says matters. Nothing that you do in the press conference matters. None of that matters. The only thing that matters is how you play on Sunday. That's the only thing that matters. All the other stuff, the talk and who did this, doesn't matter. People talk. They say what they want to say and none of that matters. The only thing we do is show up on Sunday and be ready for the kickoff."

*(on the differences between playing this Super Bowl and the one he played in with the Ravens)
*"There's a big difference. I got deactivated my first one. They took my helmet, but I was going to run on the field. Being a rookie and being so young, I don't think you understand on how hard it is to get here. Being that young, you're like it going to be easy to get back and this is it. Now, here I am seven years later back at it and understanding how hard it is to get here. Right now you really enjoy all there is with the press conferences. I'm pretty sure I'll get some silly questions between now and tomorrow. It's really all in fun and you really just try to remember everything. You'll never get a chance to do this again."

*(on having the attention on him now)
*"You have to deserve that attention. Hard work and dedication is what went into earning the right to be on a podium like this."

*(on Coach Bill Belichick being one of a kind for what he's done this year)
*"We'll see. It's something that we'll just have to wait and see. He's done a great job with us this year and we have one more to finish up. He's totally different that any other coach I've had."

*(on Belichick's motivation)
*"Humble pie. That's the thing. Just keeping us humble. You hear from the media how great you are and when you get in the team meeting, it's totally different. You are only as good as your weaknesses. You go out there and work on things that you aren't good at. When you do that, it helps you get better as a team. You may not necessarily see it right away, but it will come back up."

*(on QB-Tom Brady's ankle injury)
*"I'm not concerned. I have a job to do, so my job is to be ready to do my job. Tom (Brady) said he will be ready. That's what he said in the press conference. He has a job to do and I'm pretty sure he'll do it. My focus is really on the offense of the Giants and what we have to do as a defense. Whatever Tom (Brady) gives us, I'm sure he'll give us all he has. It'll be a true team effort."

*(on his upbringing and that being a factor on his career)
*"It played a lot as far as being humble. People recognize how you treat people. Before you are football player or a celebrity, you're a man. That's the one thing you can never hide. You can hide behind the jersey and the face mask all you want, but sooner or later, you have to be a man."

*(on when he gets nervous before a game)
*"Right before kickoff. You try to hold it off and I try not to get excited, but you get nervous. It's not a bad nervousness and if you don't get them, then you probably aren't human. After the kickoff, and the extra lights are on with the cameras, you settle down and get back to normal."

*(on being prepared for the game)
*"When you're prepared, teams still come out with new wrinkles and new things all the time, so you just play the things that you've seen as best you can and go from there."

*(on his recording setting deal for a linebacker he signed)
*"The market always sets itself. You just take that with a grain of salt. Next year, it'll be somebody else. If that helps someone else get a new deal, I'm happy for them."

*(on playing QB-Eli Manning and the Giants running game this week)
*"A good quarterback. He makes all the throws. He's very efficient. We have to stop the run game and (Ahmad) Bradshaw will be back this time. It'll definitely bring a change of pace between him and (Brandon) Jacobs."

*(on the way the Patriots defense will play the Giants)
*"You just have to take what they give you as far as that goes. I'm sure they (Giants) are saying the same thing about us. The game will set it's tone through the first quarter and we'll have to come to the sideline and make adjustments. We just know he (Eli Manning) likes to sit in the pocket and throw the ball. We have to get pressure on Eli (Manning) just like you get on any other quarterback."

*(on what it takes to be a linebacker in the Patriots defense)
*"It takes someone that's willing to work hard and that's smart to play in this defense as a linebacker. We have a lot of smart, tough, physical guys that come to work hard everyday and that I think that shows up in the games."

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