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AFC Championship Postgame Ceremony Transcript

Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Head Coach Bill Belichick and various Patriots players address the Gillette Stadium crowd following their 23-20 victory in the AFC Championship game.


CBS' Jim Nance: Thank you, James Brown and congratulations, New England - you're going back to the Super Bowl!

And now to present the Lamar Hunt trophy to the AFC Champions, Drew Bledsoe for the presentation to Robert Kraft and family.

Mr. Kraft, you've been in this position before. You know how rewarding it is to be taking a team back to the Super Bowl. What a season ... and I know has been emotional every step of the way too.

Patriots Owner Robert Kraft

RK: Well, I want to congratulate these great players and the coaches. They're an amazing team. They're a great brotherhood. They're a family. And just like all of you out in the stadium - you're part of our family. All of you and all of the people watching on television who are Pats fans - you're part of our family. Thank you for the support you've given us this emotional year.

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick

JN: Coach Belichick, you're going back again. How about this game here today and how sweet this feeling is one more time?

BB: It's awesome, Jim. I've just got to give a lot of credit to the players. Those guys fought all year, and just like today, it wasn't always perfect, but they fought to the final gun and we came out on top … You've got to give the players all the credit - they're the ones who won it today.

Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady

JN: Tom Brady, I knew you were going to be in there - I just didn't know where you were. Tom will join Jon Elway as the only two quarterbacks to ever start five times in the Super Bowl. You just won your 16th postseason game, which ties Joe Montana for most playoff victories ever. Congratulations. Tell me how this one got done tonight.

TB: Well, I [stunk] pretty bad today, but our defense saved us. And I'm going to try and go out and do a better job in a couples weeks, but I'm proud of this team, my teammates. You know, you fans were unbelievable today. You were a 12th man and we needed it. We're going to try to go out and kick some butt in a couple weeks.

Patriots Defensive Lineman Vince Wilfork

JN: Good luck to you, Tom. Alright, Vince. Coach says this is a good place to start. How about we'll just end it with you? You seemed to be in that back field all night long. And your defense, which has been malign all season long played so well in some crucial spots again here tonight.

VW: I think tonight was a big night for all of us. The fans, the organization, the coaches, the players, everyone. It was a big, big night for us. We had to come out here and play good football to beat a good football team and we did.

JN: Congratulations to you too and I'll let you go celebrate with your teammates. Vince Wilfork and the Patriots!

Marching on to Indianapolis and Super Bowl XLVI and we'll continue with the Subway postgame show on CBS in just a moment.

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