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Amendola, 'Brady' stop by Jimmy Kimmel Live

Danny Amendola and "Tom Brady" swing by "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" after winning Super Bowl LI. One was welcomed warmly as a guest, and the other was Matt Damon.

Danny Amendola and Tom Brady stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" this week. One was welcomed warmly to the stage, and the other was actually Matt Damon. 

Tom has said in the past that if any actor were to play him in a movie, it would be Matt, and this week that dream kind of came true. Before welcoming Danny, his scheduled guest, onto the show, Jimmy surprised the crowd with a surprise special guest. 

Matt emerged in a full Patriots uniform even a full day after the Super Bowl, and it didn't take long for Jimmy to realize his nemesis snuck onto his show. 

After the fraud TB12 was escorted off the stage, the real Danny Amendola took his place on the couch to talk about the game, the after party and Snoop Dogg

He and Jimmy get into those final moments of the game, where the Patriots fate hung in the balance. Every play mattered, and Jimmy wanted to know whether nerves played a role in Danny's performance as he realized the ball was coming his way late in the game.

"I ain't got time for that," Danny said. 

Simple enough.

Check out a clip from the interview in the video below.

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