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April the Giraffe picks the Patriots to win Super Bowl

April the giraffe was tasked with choosing a winner for the Super Bowl, and we think Patriots fans will like her answer.

April the giraffe became a worldwide sensation when Animal Adventure Park in New York livestreamed her giving birth, and this week, she stepped back in the spotlight -- for Patriots Nation, at least. 

In a video shared on Wednesday, April made her pick for the Super Bowl, and even though she lives in New York, April sided with New England. The caretakers at Animal Adventure Park hung a Patriots banner and an Eagles banner in April's habitat, placing a bunch of lettuce on top of each and letting her decide on a winner for Sunday's game. 

Before making her choice, April moves towards the camera, walking directly by the Philadelphia lettuce and goes for the bunch representing New England. And Patriots Nation sighs collectively in relief.

It probably wasn't an easy choice for the famous giraffe, but we're hoping April picked correctly. Check the video out below. 

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