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Ask PFW continued: some leftovers

Didn't have room for these three so here they are in a new update.

Next football fix? The Draft! Any speculation on what The Pats will do with Ty Law? Picks? I would hate to see a straight release when he can command something of value. What area will the team address with the last pick? Just as Corey Dillon was a speculation - I heard a rumor that the team was looking at Clarette and when he wasn't available last year they made the move to get Corey- Think they will take him w/ the last pick? Looking for the team to make further history - 4 titles in 5 years!! GO PATSConventional wisdom has the Pats trading Law. I don't buy into conventional wisdom so I think he will be here in 2005 (which virtually guarantees that he won't be). The Pats will take the best player available at 32. If that addresses a need, that's a bonus. Did anyone think they would take Benjamin Watson last year? I think they try to address a need if a player available rates at their selection spot, but they don't usually reach to fill a need. If Kevin Jones were there at 32 last year, they would have picked him even though they had already traded for Dillon. But Detroit traded up in front of New England to take Jones so New England went with another tight end, which wasn't likely a high on their needs list.

What's Dana Stubblefield's and Rodney Bailey's status for this season. Are they showing up to camp for 2005 or are they going to be released? Whatcha think? I know everyone is a year older now but the depth in the Patriot's front seven is scary.
Stubblefield was let go with a settlement during the season while Bailey signed a contract extension and will be in camp. The Patriots seem to be very deep on the defensive front. Tedy Bruschi's health situation could make things hairy at middle linebacker, but his well being is much more of a concern right now than his place on the field.

Since you edited my long-winded question last month I'll repeat the second part briefly. Who do you foresee stepping into the middle linebacking role ala what can Brown do for you? Well maybe not Troy Brown but perhaps Banta-Cain. There are some resemblances to Bruschi. Izzo is next on the depth chart. A rookie couldn't make the calls and Klecko could surprise. Any thoughts on free agency perhaps?
*Mr. Jules

*Banta-Cain is an outside linebacker and I don't really see him moving inside at this point. He was a defensive end in college who was drafted to be a 3-4 outside linebacker. It's very different playing inside and he has no experience playing in all that interior traffic. Free agency is certainly an option if for nothing else than depth. Roman Phifer may be all done playing and the Patriots have to address the depth at inside linebacker anyway. I'm not sure there is much talent at that spot in the draft so free agency might be the way to go. Perhaps it's an older player like Sam Cowart rather than some young, expensive stud. Again, Bruschi's status could make this more of a need.

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