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Ask PFW II: Watching the Pats

Part II of our weekly smorgasbord...

My question is on the PUP list. At the start of preseason teams can put players on the PUP list. I understand what the PUP list is about but was wondering once a player is designated as not being on the PUP list once practice starts can he then be placed on it if he participates in camp. Example if a player has a nagging injury can he then be placed on the PUP list or is the only other alternative IR.

If a player starts camp on PUP, then comes off, he can't go back on to start the season. Once a player is deemed fit enough to participate in practice, PUP is removed from the equation. If he suffers a setback, even if it's related to the same injury, he must go on IR if the team wants to add another player in his place.
Paul Perillo

I noticed that Ryan Claridge was put on injured reserve. When I hear this during the regular season, I usually think of this as "out for the season without any possibility of returning." I'm not sure what it means to be placed on injured reserve during the preseason. Does it mean that he is out for the season, out for the preseason, or just out until he is ready to play again?

Hi Bert, say hi to Ernie for me. IR means the same thing no matter what time of year a player is placed on it – the end of the season. Claridge will not b eligible to play again until 2006.
Paul Perillo

After going over the team roster, I couldn't help but notice the lack of depth at the DL. Isn't that a bit thin for any team to have so few really proven players on the D line. I have faith in the few proven guys there but if God forbid one gets hurt. I'm a bit leery of those few gap fillers we have are there any plans to add at least one more proven veteran to the d line this year?
Peter Reynold

We've gotten tons of emails suggesting the Patriots switch to the 4-3 this season because of the loss of linebackers Tedy Bruschi and Ted Johnson. They say with all the defensive linemen that maybe the 4-3 would make sense. The Patriots have Richard Seymour, Vince Wilfork, Ty Warren, Jarvis Green and Rodney Bailey, plus Marquise Hill, a promising young player. How many quality defensive linemen does a team need? Personally I think that position is one of the team's deepest.
Paul Perillo

Ask PFW is probably the greatest thing on the Internet. Where would we be without you guys? My question is this: What would happen if TO was on the Patriots? My first instinct is to say that Coach Bill wouldn't give TO the time of day once he started to pout and TO would just end up getting traded once he started barking at Tom Brady. On second thought, I bet that the stoic, hard-working inhabitants of the Patriots locker room would keep it from even getting that far. Be it through peer pressure, good example, or just intimidation, I bet TO would not make such a fool of himself if he played in New England.
Scott Fennell

It's hard to say what would happen if TO was on the Patriots and acting like this. I think your assessment is probably accurate – that the leaders in the locker room wouldn't let it get to this point in the first place. But if TO was on the Patriots I don't think Belichick would simply trade him away unless he thought he could get value in return. Belichick dealt with Terry Glenn for the entire 2001 season and still kept the door open for the wide receiver to return late in the year. In other words, don't be so quick to assume the Belichick wouldn't put up with that nonsense because he already has at times in the past. My guess is that the Patriots would stand firm against TO and force him either play or sit out. I don't think they would release him and get nothing or trade him and getting below market value. Players haven't had much luck going against Belichick in the past.
Paul Perillo

When will Steve be eligible for the NFL Hall of Fame?
Dan LeBeau

About the same time as Joe I guess. Steve who? If you're talking about Grogan, which I assume since this is a Patriots website, he's been eligible for the Hall of Fame since 1995. However, as much as we all loved Grogan's toughness and professionalism, he won't be making reservations for Canton any time soon.
Paul Perillo

Cedric Cobbs did not have any rushes? Why not? Will you trade Rohan to a team in exchange for an inside linebacker? Is it more difficult to trade a player during the preseason?
Heather Brenner

Cedric The Entertainer did not dress for the game so that's why he didn't get any carries. I don't know if Davey will be traded, or what kind of players would be available if they did plan to trade him. It's not any easier or tougher to trade a player during the preseason than after the season starts. Sometimes, other teams can suffer a rash of injuries at a position and that makes them more willing to swing a deal. That can happen during the summer or fall. It will be interesting to see how the Patriots deal with Davey in 2005.
Paul Perillo

Hey guys! It is that time of the year again. I can finally stop digging through Internet for football tidbits: We can see the Pats live again. I know it's too early but I can't help but wonder. Let's assume that BB is at it again and Matt Cassel is actually good enough to be "Next Brady." Let's assume that 2 years gone by and he confirmed that. Which one of the following 3 possibilities do you think is the most likely one: 1) Brady keeps playing here, and we have a veteran salary paid awesome Brady-like QB as a backup. 2) Brady keeps playing here and we trade awesome Brady-like QB somewhere in NFC for 1st or 2nd round pick. 3) (GOD FORBID) Brady is hurt/retired/goes to another team and we have Brady-like QB take over the team and Pats don't miss a beat. What do you think? Thanks!
Dan Sokolvskiy

I find it tough to see how Cassel "confirmed" that he's the "next Brady" over the next two years without playing, but I'll play along for the sake of this discussion. I don't see the Patriots trading Cassel in the next two years so I guess I'll take what's behind door No. 1 Monty, I mean Dan. The rookie has shown promise and if he continues to develop there's nor reason he can't be considered the backup next season.
Paul Perillo

I noted early that Brady wasn't dressed. Is he hurt or did Bill just want to see what want the others could do? I assume they'll keep Flutie. I thought the young kid looked good. I look forward to hearing from someone.Leonard Perkins

Belichick said he wanted to get some work for the quarterbacks that haven't played much. From what I've seen thus far, I'd say Davey is the odd man out, assuming that Flutie does reasonably well in his action against New Orleans tomorrow night. Davey just hasn't shown the development over his four years with the team. Cassel has been intriguing enough to keep around in some way, whether that be on the active roster, the practice squad or an injured list. We'll see.
Paul Perillo

OK, I'm curious, if you guys can answer this one for me, if an undrafted player or original free agent trying to make the team is in camp, is he definitely under a contract already? If so, bonus money aside, does he and how much does he make during training camp, or does he not get a cent unless he makes the team?
Adam Marland

All players that are participating in camp are under contract. It's against the league rules to do otherwise. Undrafted players aren't usually given signing bonuses, at least nothing too significant. Players don't start to earn their regular salaries until the regular season but they are paid for their time during camp. The payments earn stipends during camp and then start to earn their salary if they make the team.
Paul Perillo

Is there any way I will be able to receive all the Patriot games this season either on line (as I do with MLB Red Sox games) or through a satellite connection here in Israel?
David Rubenstein

I'm not sure any ways to get video on line but the audio for all Patriots games will be available on line this season for the first time through's Field Pass. So you can listen to Gil and Gino making the calls every week … even in Israel.
Paul Perillo

Being from Louisiana I'm a huge fan of Kevin Faulk. He was recently recognized as the greatest high school player in the State over the past 50 years. He also holds plenty of all time records at LSU and in the SEC. Do you know of any other "star" college running back who has gone on to star in the reduced role of "3rd down back/change of pace back"? I heard that several teams wanted to bring Kevin in with a potentially increased role when his rookie contract was up, but Kevin chose to remain a Patriot. I think its' a credit to Kevin and the Patriots coaching staff that this talented player accepts his role and thrives in it. BTW, I saw him at a clinic during the offseason - he was wearing a hooded gray sweatshirt and prowling the sidelines just like you know who. Coach B's positive influence on his players cannot be overstated. What are your thoughts?
Jason Robideaux

I don't have a list of such backs to cite, but I can think of a couple off the top of my head. San Diego had a player named Terrell Fletcher, who was very similar to Faulk in stature and had a terrific career at Wisconsin before coming to the NFL. Amos Zeroue also would fit that mold – great player at West Virginia but more of a change-of-pace guy in the pros with Pittsburgh and Oakland. My thoughts on Kevin are that he's been a key member of the offense throughout his career and has been very productive. However, I don't know of any other teams wanting to bring him in to give him an increased role. I think Kevin is used perfectly in New England – pass catcher, occasional ball carrier, kick and punt returner. He gets to show off his versatility here but as an every down back I don't think he'd be as productive.
Paul Perillo

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