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Ask PFW: Life after Brady

What's next for the Pats now that Brady's knee injury has landed him on IR? Some fans are offering suggestions, but hear what the head coach has to say. Plus, find out what the ubiquitous "GU" symbol is all about in this edition of Ask PFW.

Why don't the Patriots go after Daunte Culpepper? He has experience, plus he knows Randy Moss really well.Nathan Bourassa

There is one QB out there that knows the system and could probably give the Pats the best chance to win it all this year, and his name is Drew Bledsoe. How ironic would it be if he came back to pull it off for TB and BB?Evan Axenroth

With the loss of Brady, do you think that signing Culpepper could be a good idea?Felix Gauthier

What are your thoughts on trying to get Drew Bledsoe back? He should be in decent shape and somewhat familiar with the offensive philosophy, plus I'm sure he'd love to work with that receiver corps. What do you think?
Chris Desaulniers

PFW: According to head coach Bill Belichick, the Patriots are not looking to sign another quarterback "at this point." That was as of late Monday afternoon. He followed that up by saying it wasn't out of the realm of possibility that a move could be made before Sunday's game against the Jets. Yet he also shot down reports that the team had worked out Chris Simms, Tim Rattay, or any other quarterback so far. I can't imagine the Patriots will go with just two QBs from here on out. However, the pickings are slim on the signal-caller market right now. Perhaps, given his familiarity with the system, Matt Gutierrez will be brought back. My guess is that would be more likely than pulling Bledsoe of out retirement (which, from what we at PFW hear, he's enjoying very much). Culpepper would certainly be an intriguing possibility, but it's unclear how well he's recovered from his knee problems. Belichick's statements Monday indicate, to me at least, that the team will be making some inquiries at some point this week about any or all of the aforementioned players ... and maybe even some that we haven't yet thought to consider.
Erik Scalavino

I don't know if I wasn't paying attention closely, but I could have sworn the Chiefs had five downs at the end of the game on the goal line. Did I miss a penalty or something?Tyler Flanagan

I probabley missed something, but it looked like the Chiefs had five downs on their last drive. My wife saw it too, and we both thought we were crazy. We saw two incomplete passes, a stuffed run, and two more incomplete passes. Was there a penalty or something in there to give the Chiefs a chance to replay the down, or were we just so shook by the Brady injury that we weren't thinking clearly?
Shawn D.

I was in a noisy sports bar in Arizona and could not hear, but how did the Chiefs get five overall downs from the 5-yard line?
Bryce Molloy

PFW: You all correctly saw the Chiefs run five plays down there at the goal line, but what you didn't hear, apparently, was that New England had called a timeout right before the first first-down play, which the referees waved off. So, that first incomplete pass to the left never went down in the books as an actual play from scrimmage. Even if the Chiefs caught that pass for a touchdown, it would have been called back because the play was blown dead before the snap. Sounds like the CBS broadcast team failed to mention this in their play-by-play.

I am just wondering what the "GU 63" stands for that I've seen on uniforms and on the field at Gillette Stadium.
Jon Febonio

What is the significance of the "GU 63" uniform patch and also on the field?
Russ Lowe

What does GU 63 stand for?
Nicole Alvarez

PFW: This was another popular question this week, as you can see from this small sample. "GU" are the initials of the late Gene Upshaw. The 63 signifies the jersey number he wore during his 15-year career as a guard for the Oakland Raiders. A two-time Super Bowl winner and first-ballot Hall-of-Famer elected in 1987, Upshaw died of cancer late last month … coincidentally at the age of 63. In addition to being a stellar player, Upshaw was the Executive Director of the NFL Players Association (the union that represents the league's athletes) for nearly a quarter of a century. Despite a recent campaign by some players to oust Upshaw as union head, the league has decided to honor him with the silver and black "GU 63" patch that players will wear throughout this season.

Why did the Patriots wear their road uniforms at home against KC?
Joe Palladini

PFW: Good question. It's not uncommon for teams to wear white at home to stay cooler when the temperatures reach the 80s or higher. Miami often wears white at home, for instance, in the hot Florida sun. Sunday's game versus Kansas City was a comfortable 75 degrees here in New England, Joe, but it's usually hotter at field level than in the surrounding area. That's probably why they chose to go with the white jerseys for this game, although we were given no official word as to why.

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