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Edwin McCain takes in singing at AFC Championship

Singer Edwin McCain was more than excited to get a chance to sing at his favorite team's AFC Championship game.


Edwin McCain may have grown up in South Carolina, but when it comes to football his allegiance is with New England.

While touring in the 90s, Edwin and his band experienced nothing but positivity while in Boston, and as they took in the culture, the Patriots became a big part of that. Now, he considers himself a big fan. 

"I don't know what it is or how we got lucky, but we were embraced by this community. That's kind of how it all started. For the last few years, every time I'll bring it up on stage, they think I'm sucking up," Edwin said with a laugh.

The singer was in town Sunday night for a dream gig: singing the national anthem before his team played in the AFC Championship. He has sung at the Daytona 500, NBA games and the MLB games, but this is one he has had his eye on for years.

One of Edwin's frequent tour stops is Showcase Live at Patriot Place, and he made a promise to himself that the first Patriots game he would attend, he would also sing. That's exactly what he did.

"It's surreal especially at this point in my career. I've settled in to being the mid-forties guy who had hits in the 90s. I'm cool with that. I totally get where my place in the food chain is and the fact that they put me in the slot when this opportunity is obviously coveted by the relevant new artists is an incredible testament to how nice they are," Edwin said. "It's an honor, it's incredible. It's not lost on me too. I think in my early 20s I probably didn't get it like I do now."

As excited as he was to sing, Edwin was also ready to just watch the Patriots play in person. He, like the rest of Patriots Nation, adores Coach Bill Belichick's style of coaching and his approach to the game, and he was looking forward to seeing it in action. 

"He's taken players that other people have given up on and prove everybody wrong because it's about coaching and culture," he said. "Leadership, focus and leaving the frills out of it. I love it." 


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