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Ask PFW: Scotland answers

Thanks guys for your consistent insight and in-depth coverage. Now how about some insight as to where I might be able to watch the PATS/Vikings game in Scotland? My daughter, also a PATS fan, is treating me to a two-week tour of Scotland as a sixty-fifth birthday present. So if you know of any pub that televises PATS games, we'll design our travel itinerary around that locale. Many thanks. Regards.Bob Robertson

I'm sorry I ever doubted the power that is Ask PFW and Patriots Nation. We got dozens of emails from Europe with the answer to Bob's question. This Monday night's Patriots game will be aired live on British Channel 5 in Scotland at 1 a.m. local time. The station is available over the air and in most hotels, especially in major cities. And Roman G. chimed in, saying "one sure place in Edinburgh is 'Belushis Bar' at Market Street 13." Bob I hope this helps you out with your trip planning. You owe Patriots Nation an amazing thanks.
Andy Hart

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