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Before crossing the street: Stop, look, Tom Brady

Photo courtesy of WalkBoston

Tom Brady has accomplished a lot over his football career. From Super Bowls to NFL records, there is almost nothing the GOAT can't do, and last week, he added stopping traffic to this list. 

Sam Balto, a teacher at Ellis Elementary School in Roxbury, was looking for creative ways to get drivers to slow down around his school, and then he got some help from Tom.

In a partnership with WalkBoston, Sam put pictures of Tom on crosswalk signs around his school in an attempt to get drivers to slow down, according to NBC Boston. It was a simple, hilarious solution to a safety concern, and both parents and students loved it. 

"Tom Brady is the GOAT. He's the greatest of all time," Sam told NBC Boston. "I thought maybe he'd be able to help improve the safety around our school."

And it seems to have worked. After all, Bostonians will do anything to protect Tom Brady.


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