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Behind the Scenes with...Fullback Heath Evans

Patriots fullback Heath Evans (44)  sat down with us to look at his life both on and off the football field.  Evans has provided a spark for the Patriots running game and has rushed for 169 yards in three games. 


Now in his fifth NFL season, fullback Heath Evans has provided a spark for the Patriots ground game since being acquired as a free agent on Nov. 1. The 6-foot, 250-pounder has rushed for 169 yards in three games, surpassing his previous four-year NFL rushing total of 108 yards. The former Auburn standout was originally drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in the third round (82nd overall) of the 2001 NFL Draft and spent four seasons with the franchise before signing with the Miami Dolphins this past offseason.

Evans sat down with us to look at his life both on and off the football field.


What is your favorite type of food? My wife's tacos.They are the best.

What was your favorite cartoon growing up? He-Man. He was my favorite. My name is Heath and He-Man starts with an "h" and an "e" so it just makes sense.

What is your favorite junk food snack? Sour Patch Kids.

What is your favorite movie? All the Rocky movies. My favorite is probably Rocky IV when he takes on Drago.

What is your favorite reality TV show? None of them. The only one I watch is the first couple weeks of American Idol just to watch the people that can't sing and embarrass themselves.

Where is your favorite vacation spot? Winter Park, Colorado. It is a good place to ski.

Who was your favorite football player growing up? [Pause] Dan Marino. I was hesitating about whether to lie. I grew up down in Florida so I have an excuse.


What is one type of food that you refuse to eat? Indian food and anything too spicy.

What is something that you wish you were better at? Football, honestly. I wish I could play like Michael Vick or Shaun Alexander.

Your first name is Bryan.Why do you go by Heath? My dad wanted to name me Bryan, but my mom always wanted to call her first son Heath, so they came to a compromise.

What is the toughest thing about you that your wife has to put up with? I snore. Other than that I'm pretty easy.

What is something that annoys you? Passing gas.

You are involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. After a game, who leads the postgame prayer? With the Patriots, Don Davis does. When we are on the road it would be the other team's chaplain.

What is one thing that you have always wanted to do? Skydive, if my wife would let me.

You played four seasons with the Seahawks. What is the biggest difference between the east coast and the west coast? It rains a bunch out there.

Who is one person on this team that can always make you laugh? Monty Beisel.


Which road stadium in the NFL is the most difficult to play in? Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. It is loud and they have great fans that really know football. They are very involved in the game.

Which player or coach have you learned the most from in your career? Stump Mitchell, who was my running backs coach in Seattle.

This is your first year with the Patriots.What makes this organization so successful? Everyone's individual commitment.

You have already rushed for more yards this season than you have for your entire career. Describe how it feels to contribute so much during your first few games as a Patriot? It feels great. Everyone always wants to be that link that kind of adds to the team that puts the team in a better situation. Because of the injuries that have been sustained here I was able to come in and do that. It feels great especially being on a team that has so much tradition.


Bigger rivalry: Alabama/Auburn or Ohio State/Michigan? Without a doubt, Alabama/Auburn. I believe that the rivalry from a player's standpoint is just as good as Ohio State/Michigan or any of the good ones. I think they are all equal in that sense. Outside the game with the fans, there is nothing even remotely close to Auburn/Alabama.

Go to the movie theater or watch the DVD? Movie theater.

Play in the rain or play in the snow? Definitely snow. This probably doesn't make much sense, but snow isn't as cold. If you get rain on a 45-degree day, you are going to be miserable all afternoon because you can't ever get warm.

Skydive or bungee jump? Skydive.

Funnier movie: Animal House or Caddyshack? Animal House.

Rush for a 1-yard touchdown or throw the lead block on a 60-yard touchdown score? That's easy. Rush for a 1-yard touchdown.


If you could have a cameo on any TV show, which would you choose? According to Jim with Jim Belushi. He is just hilarious to me.

If you had a free round-trip plane ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go? Home. I would go to Palm Beach, Florida.

If you could only invite three celebrities to a party, who would they be? George Bush, Michael Jordan and Bill Gates.

If you could play beside any football player in the history of the game, who would it be? Mike Singletary. He just had so many intangibles that he brought to the game. Everyone loved his aggressiveness, but from what I've heard he was one of the smartest players ever to play the game on the defensive side of the ball.

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